'The Moment I Knew' Meetup: How To Set One Up In Your Hometown

How To Set Up A 'Moment I Knew Meetup' In Your Hometown
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Not in New York or LA for "The Moment I Knew Meetup" we're hosting on Tuesday, April 5th? You can still actively participate in the event by having a meetup in your hometown!

We can't wait for readers to get together in their own community to kibitz about their divorces and relationships, trade tips over coffee or drinks, and share their short (3 to 4 minute) stories about that all-important realization: oh boy, it's over. We're counting on you to make this an experience that's just as funny, poignant, honest, and ultimately revealing as online feature.

Here are some simple ways to start a "Moment I Knew Meetup" where you are:

2) Meetup is geo-located, so you will immediately see a meetup near you, whether there is one or not. Click on the meetup nearest you.

3) If your meetup does not have a location, click on the button that says, "Suggest a location." The location can really be anywhere; a bar, a restaurant, or even your house. It should just be a place that is fun, comfortable and convenient.

4) Promote the event! Invite your friends, colleagues and relatives, anyone you think would be interested.

5) Prepare your story (and tell others to prepare their stories) of "The Moment I Knew." For inspiration, check out our slide show

6) We want to hear about your event! Submit your pictures, stories, tweets and impressions to submissions@huffingtonpost.com.

That's all!