The Moment I Knew Meetup: Event Highlights (PHOTOS)

The Moment I Knew Meetup Highlights

On Tuesday evening in New York and Los Angeles, groups gathered to share stories about the end of their marriages in a pair of raucous events--part story slams, part therapy sessions, both thoroughly entertaining.

Capacity crowds streamed into Macao Trading Company in Tribeca and Palihouse Holloway in West Hollywood, respectively, to sip cocktails, nibble on appetizers, and watch a total of 21 performers (about 10 on each coast) riff on the darkly hilarious, deeply heartfelt details of the all-important moment they realized, oh boy, it's over.

The events--both smash hits--grew out of a Huffington Post Divorce slideshow which turned the traditional concept on its head, featured readers' responses to the question we put to the Twitter-verse, "When did you know your marriage was over?"

Sure, the topic may have been bleak, but the vibe was more comedy club than pity party as Melissa Francis from CNBC's The Call and comedian Carlos Kotkin hosted the hour-long events, leading lively audiences through a stand-out collection of performers--bestselling authors, Emmy-nominated writers, actors and award-winning comedians and storytellers among them--who told their stories in under 4 minutes each.

Elsewhere across the country, groups gathered through to stage their own events. Did you attend one? Send photos, video, or emails to

Click through for photos of the New York and Los Angeles events; send us your photos from 'Moment I Knew Meetups' across the country and we'll add them to our mix. Plus, check back for a link to video of the event. And a huge thank you to all our performers!

-Sara Wilson
Huffington Post Divorce Editor

New York 'Moment I Knew Meetup'

The Moment I Knew Meetup Event

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