Veterans Group Slams Trump’s Memorial Day Tweet

Trump crowed about himself in a post about America’s fallen.

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Tuesday, May 29 

‘MOST INAPPROPRIATE’ A veterans group slammed President Donald Trump’s Memorial Day tweet after he used the national holiday to honor and remember America’s fallen servicemen and women by crowing about himself. [HuffPost]

THE RUDY BOOS Rudy Giuliani attended a Yankees game in New York City on Monday to celebrate his 74th birthday — and was hit by a cascade of boos. It appears that “America’s mayor” is now the second most loathed individual in Gotham. [HuffPost]  

ON-AGAIN North Korea has reportedly sent some of its top officials to both the U.S. and Singapore to make preparations for the canceled June summit that appears — for now — to be back on. Which is good news for Republicans, who are counting on a peace deal with Pyongyang to boost Trump’s poll numbers and help them during the midterms. [Reuters]

GARRETT AND COSTELLO Rep. Ryan Costello (R-Pa.) announced that he is retiring from Congress because “I feel all I do is answer questions about Donald Trump.” Rep. Thomas Garrett (R-Va.) also said he will end his bid for re-election, citing a struggle with alcoholism. Garrett had come under scrutiny in recent weeks for reportedly treating his office staff like servants. [HuffPost]

‘MR. SCISSORS’ Italy appointed former IMF economist Carlo Cottarelli — known as “Mr Scissors” for his cuts to public spending — as interim prime minister on Monday following a falling out between President Sergio Mattarella and the country’s populist parties who attempted to form a government. [The Guardian]

DEADLY FLU This flu season is about to be the deadliest on record for children. We explain why it has got so bad. [HuffPost]



WARRIORS… COME OUT TO PLAY-AY. The Golden State Warriors will play the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals after Steph Curry’s team staged a second-half comeback to beat the Houston Rockets 101-92. [ESPN]

WAR ON SEX WORKERS Congress is still gunning for voluntary sex workers. After taking down their websites, the government is now coming for their bank accounts. [HuffPost]

‘TRUMP’S RIGHT-HAND TROLL’ Meet Stephen Miller, Trump’s speechwriter and “right-hand troll,” who is deploying the art of provocation from the White House. [The Atlantic]

‘I WAS BEING TREATED A LOT DIFFERENT’ There’s a key reason why the birth rate in America is declining: Women are punished for having kids. [HuffPost]

‘YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO HIT ME’ The police department in Wildwood, New Jersey is investigating a viral video that showed an officer at a local beach punching a young woman in the head. [HuffPost]

BARRAGE FROM GAZA Israel’s “Iron Dome” defense system shot down one of the heaviest barrages of mortar fire from Gaza in years. [Reuters]



  • “The Bachelorette” contestant Garrett Yrigoyen “liked” various Instagram posts that mocked trans people, undocumented immigrants, left-wing women and one Parkland high school student.
  • Eminem shared the strangest story about him and Val Kilmer in 50 Cent’s trailer.
  • A Florida woman who was allegedly beaten and threatened at gunpoint by her boyfriend slipped a note to her dog’s vet asking him to “call the cops.
  • A California flight instructor and his assistant were arrested for allegedly kidnapping one of their students with the intention of surreptitiously deporting him back to his native China.
  • A Roman Catholic diocese in Kentucky reportedly banned a high school valedictorian from giving a “political” speech, so the teen stood outside the ceremony with a megaphone and gave the speech anyway.
  • Remember the Old Spice guy? He just got married.  
  • From converted airplanes to ice caves, these are the 35 quirkiest hotels around the world.
  • “Justice League” director Zack Snyder revealed on Twitter that his next movie will be an adaptation of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead.”
  • “Solo: A Star Wars” had a poor Memorial Day weekend, opening with $103 million over four days, and $148 million globally — way under projections.
  • Blake Lively had to drive Ryan Reynolds to the hospital while she was in labor, according to the “Deadpool” star.
  • Director Kevin Smith is working on a “Jay and Silent Bob” reboot which is due to start filming this summer.
  • This small viewing trick will change how you watch “Westworld” season 2.
  • You are not emotionally prepared for these racing Corgis.
  • Minutes after he was interviewed by two television journalists, this North Carolina fire chief found them dead inside an SUV that was a crushed by a tree.
  • This service dog couldn’t wait and gave birth to eight puppies at the gate at the Tampa airport.
  • And finally, Starbucks stores will be closed this afternoon as some 175,000 employees undergo anti-bias training.


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