Violence Erupts Ahead Of U.S. Embassy Opening In Jerusalem

The Morning Email: At least there's Fox News support for relocating the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Monday, May 14


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ALL THE WRONG MOVES Israel celebrated Sunday in preparation for the U.S. Embassy’s relocation to Jerusalem — a move so at odds with the global consensus that most international envoys skipped a reception for the event hosted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Violence erupted Monday on the Gaza border, with more Palestinian protesters expected to demonstrate on the frontier later today. One Fox News host is happy though — Jeanine Pirro claimed Sunday that President Donald Trump had fulfilled a Biblical prophecy by calling in the movers. [Reuters] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN Trump, who spent his much of his presidential campaign promising to secure jobs to the forgotten men and women of America’s heartland, vowed Sunday to help Chinese phone company ZTE because “too many jobs in China” are being lost. [Reuters]

TACHE THREAT National security adviser John Bolton has warned that Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal could result in sanctions on companies based in Europe. In Iran, President Hassan Rouhani said Sunday his country remains committed to the 2015 deal, while his foreign minister hoped the pact could be redesigned without Washington as a member. [HuffPost]

LEAK PIQUE Sarah Huckabee Sanders berated White House staffers over the weekend for leaking the conversation in which an aide mocked John McCain for his ailing health. The details of that dressing down, predictably, leaked to the press. Reacting to the original disclosure, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said the comment was “disgusting” and the White House should apologize. [HuffPost]

‘WARNING IGNORED’ Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti posted pictures on Twitter over the weekend showing Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen with a man who appears to be a Qatari banker accused of bribing Washington lawmakers. [HuffPost]

INDONESIA ATTACKS At least 11 people died and dozens were injured after suicide bombers attacked three churches in Surabaya, Indonesia. [HuffPost]


JUST COOK OFF! People in Oakland, California, threw a massive cookout in response to a white woman calling the cops on a black family BBQ. It’s an ongoing issue this writer thinks we all need to talk about. [HuffPost]

PENNSYLVANIA PROGNOSIS If you want to know where the Democratic Party is heading, keep a close watch on this Pennsylvania congressional primary. [HuffPost]

WHAT ABOUT MELANIA? Trump praised his late mom on Mother’s Day — but skipped any mention of Melania, mother of his youngest son. [HuffPost]

‘WE’RE NOT CRIMINAL CIVIL TERRORISTS’ The father of a Parkland victim has a very strong message for the NRA’s new president, Oliver North. [HuffPost]

‘NOT WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS BASED ON’ Fox News’ Tomi Lahren has endorsed the statement made by White House chief of staff John Kelly that low-skilled immigrants have no historical place in the America. Both Kelly and his echo are completely wrong. [HuffPost]

GAY COUPLE PUMMELED Four Florida men have been charged with hate crimes after a gay couple were brutally pummeled last month — an attack caught on surveillance cameras. [HuffPost]


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  • And Harrison Ford has gatecrashed an interview with the new Han Solo, telling Alden Ehrenreich, “Get out of my life! 

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