Tuesday's Morning Email: Newt Gingrich Vies For VP Spot

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NEWT GINGRICH AUDITIONS FOR VICE PRESIDENT Gingrich was an early supporter of Donald Trump. [Jason Linkins and Igor Bobic, HuffPost]

HOUSE ZIKA BILL $1.3 BILLION SHORT Of President Barack Obama's request. [Michael McAuliff, HuffPost]

NYT INVESTIGATES WHETHER AFGHAN FORCES TARGETED DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS HOSPITAL "There is evidence -- both buried in the report and from interviews conducted on the front lines in Kunduz -- that suggests that Afghan troops may have deliberately provided the hospital as a target." [NYT]

TRUMP'S ALASKA TEAM FEATURES A CONVICTED FELON Who served four years for corruption. [Christina Wilkie, HuffPost]

THE NAVY'S NEW DEEP SEA WEAPONS "The pods, called 'Upward Falling Payloads,' or UFPs, are 15 feet high and weigh 5,000 pounds. They contain state-of-the-art military technology such as unmanned aerial vehicles that can be used for monitoring and surveillance or weapon systems to be deployed as a form of defense." [Reuters]

IN SEARCH OF A WEST COAST EARTHQUAKE WARNING SYSTEM Scientists are pushing for a coast-wide alert system as fears for the next "big one" grow. [WSJ | Paywall]

PUTIN'S PROPAGANDA WAR "In spite of Moscow’s slick #RussiaVsISIL propaganda campaign, designed to present its military intervention in Syria as a fight against the best-known radical group there, there’s growing evidence that [Vladimir] Putin is helping ISIS thrive." [Akbar Shahid Ahmed, HuffPost]


YOU JUST GOT A LOT MORE TWITTER SPACE Twitter announced photos and links won't count against the 140 word character limit. [Bloomberg]

IN PURSUIT OF THE WORLD'S FASTEST SWIMSUIT FOR RIO "There’s a new swimwear-tech arms race underway -- one where the difference between victory and defeat in the pool (and within a $1 billion swimwear market) can come down to comfort and a hundredth of a second." [International Business Times]

CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF HARLEY QUINN? "Suicide Squad" may just be her first movie foray -- talks are under way for a starring vehicle for Margot Robbie. [Variety]

MARK ZUCKERBERG IS SITTING DOWN WITH GLENN BECK And other conservative leaders after the "social network was accused of suppressing right-leaning news outlets." [Vanity Fair]

SINEAD O'CONNOR FOUND SAFE IN CHICAGO She had been missing over a day. [HuffPost]

ANOTHER REASON TO HATE CAR ALARMS They don't really work. [The Atlantic]

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THE FORMER INMATE HIRING EX-CONS "One construction company is building ex-inmates up so they can start anew. Extremely Clean 2 Construction and Design in Springfield, Massachusetts, hires ex-inmates to help them stay on the right track after prison." [HuffPost]

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