Thursday's Morning Email: What We Know So Far In The EgyptAir Crash

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EGYPTAIR FLIGHT MS804 HAS CRASHED INTO THE MEDITERRANEAN French President Francois Hollande confirmed the plane, which left Paris headed for Cairo carrying 66 passengers and crew, had crashed into the Mediterranean Sea after an unexplained disappearance from radar. Ships have been dispatched to the last points of radar confirmation to find the wreckage. Officials caution that investigations are in their early stages, as many were quick to point to terrorism fears after the Greek defense minister announced the plane suddenly dropped 22,000 feet, spun sharply and then disappeared from radar. [Jade Walker and Peter Andrew Hart, HuffPost]

THE DEADLIEST AIRLINE DISASTERS IN HISTORY A look back at the worst aviation disasters. [USA Today]

DONALD TRUMP'S EMPIRE GROWS AMID PRESIDENTIAL RUN "Revenue has increased by what Trump campaign statements say is almost­ $190­­ million, with gains coming from golf courses to branded merchandise to book royalties." [WaPo]

CALIFORNIA STOPPED ITS STATEWIDE WATER RESTRICTIONS Local communities must now set water conservation limits. [NYT]

THERNOS VOIDS TWO YEARS OF BLOOD TEST Incorrect blood tests may have resulted in patients making different health decisions. [WSJ | Paywall]

THE END OF THE NEVER TRUMP MOVEMENT? Mitt Romney has reportedly stopped trying to recruit a candidate to run as an independent rival. [CNN]

U.S. WARNS OF 'UNSAFE' CHINESE INTERCEPT OF AIRCRAFT "Two Chinese fighter jets carried out an 'unsafe' intercept of a U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft over the South China Sea, the Pentagon said on Wednesday, drawing a rebuke from Beijing, which demanded that Washington end surveillance near China." [Reuters]


GEORGE ZIMMERMAN'S GUN SELLS For a disputed offer of $138,900. [Reuters]

CHANGE YOUR LINKEDIN PASSWORD Because a 2012 hack of the professional networking site just got dumped online. [Tech Crunch]

FACEBOOK, THROUGH THE CONSERVATIVE AND LIBERAL LENS As The Wall Street Journal puts it, "Blue feed, red feed." [WSJ | Paywall]

TSA RACKED UP $700,000 From loose change last year. [HuffPost]

IN DEFENSE OF 'GREY'S ANATOMY' Why people need to stop saying, "That's still on?" [Vulture]

THE END OF iPHONE ADORATION? "I'm mad at the way my apps shut down while in use, at the texts that don't send, at an iTunes that doesn't sync. I'm cranky about poky performance, with videos that sometimes take forever to download, if they do at all." [Bloomberg View]

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THE BENEFITS OF GETTING RID OF PHOTOSHOP "After launching #AerieReal, the retailer's sales grew 20 percent in the 2015 fiscal year, and the boom shows no signs of waning." [HuffPost]

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