Monday's Morning Email: Inside The Lifting Of The Arms Ban For Vietnam

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PRESIDENT OBAMA LIFTS ARMS BAN FOR VIETNAM "The United States has long made lifting the embargo contingent on Vietnam’s improving its human rights record, and recently administration officials had hinted that the ban could be removed partly in response to China’s buildup in the South China Sea. But Mr. Obama portrayed the decision as part of the long process of normalizing relations between the two countries after the Vietnam War." [NYT]

TALIBAN LEADER KILLED IN U.S. AIRSTRIKE Mullah Akhtar Mansour, the leader of the Afghan Taliban, was killed by a U.S. airstrike that took place just inside of Pakistan. [Reuters]

'AMERICA'S OVERLOOKED GUN VIOLENCE' "The Elks Lodge episode was one of at least 358 armed encounters nationwide last year -- nearly one a day, on average -- in which four or more people were killed or wounded, including attackers. The toll: 462 dead and 1,330 injured, sometimes for life, typically in bursts of gunfire lasting but seconds." [NYT]

OVER 100 DIE IN SYRIAN BOMB BLASTS ISIS took responsibility for the coordinated attacks in Jableh and Tartous. [Reuters]

EGYPT SENDS SUBMARINE TO LOOK FOR MISSING EGYPTAIR PLANE Investigators are looking into the plane's prior stops before flight MS804. [Reuters]

WHAT BERNIE SANDERS SHOULD ASK FOR AT THE CONVENTION Starting with Ben & Jerry's, of course. [Jason Linkins, Howard Fineman and Lauren Weber]


THE GRANDPARENTS WHO TAKE IN THE CHILDREN OF HEROIN ADDICTION "Grandparents have long provided safe harbor for grandchildren for a host of reasons -- dire financial straits, teen pregnancy, military deployment. But not since the crack epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s, analysts say, have so many children been at risk because of parental drug addiction." [NYT]

MLB CLOSE TO MAJOR PITCHING CHANGES The strike zone could be altered and intentional walks signaled instead of pitched out. [ESPN]

THE TOP MOMENTS OF THE BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS From Britney Spears' triumphant performance to the fashion, here's what you missed out on if you didn't watch last night. [HuffPost]

AND YOU THOUGHT THE CHILDREN'S BOOK 'LOVE YOU FOREVER' WAS RATHER SAD Wait until you hear the inspiration for it. [HuffPost]

TRY NOT TO GET DIZZY WATCHING ADELE'S NEW VIDEO It's just a little trippy. [HuffPost]

'INSIDE THE CLINTON SPEECH MACHINE' "A transcript of a private, $285,000 paid speech Bill Clinton delivered last year at the 'China-U.S. Private Investment Summit' in Austin, Texas, obtained by POLITICO, offers a glimpse behind the curtain of the Clintons' controversial paid speaking gigs -- and some insight into how the former president holds court out of sight of the press." [Politico]

AND WE ARE STILL CRYING From last night's "Game of Thrones." No one ask us to hold the door today. [HuffPost]

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INSIDE THE SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD BOOM "A new report about the surge of the global sustainable seafood market this month reveals how consumer and corporate decisions could significantly move the needle when it comes to tackling the world’s environmental woes." [HuffPost]

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~ The brother of one of the Brussels suicide bombers will compete for Belgium in the Olympics.

~ At least four have died summitting Mount Everest in the last four days.

~ Rumors are swirling that Beyonce and Jay Z are about to drop an album together that will respond to "Lemonade."

~ The danger of misusing the Venmo charge feature.

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~ Watch out for listeria in these sunflower products.

~ The dispute over who killed the killer in the first campus massacre 50 years ago.

~ These amateur code-breakers are going after the Zodiac killer's ciphers.

~ Congrats to Eva Longoria on her marriage to Jose Baston this past weekend.

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