Thursday's Morning Email: Top Trump Adviser: "This Is Not A Hard race"

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I'm heading off to Madagascar for a reporting trip, so Eliot Nelson and Jeffrey Young will be taking over The Morning Email through June 6th!

DONALD TRUMP'S TOP ADVISER: 'THIS IS NOT A HARD RACE' Howard Fineman sits down with Paul Manafort to talk the wall, the potential ban on Muslims, Trump's governing style and his election chances. Spoiler alert -- Manafort thinks this is in the bag. [Howard Fineman, HuffPost]

THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY On the upkeep of outdated computer systems. The nuclear program runs on floppy disks. [AP]

'WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING ZIKA' A look at Congress's inability to properly fund a Zika response as the U.S. local transmission threat grows with the climbing temperatures. [Michael McAuliff, HuffPost]

STATE DEPARTMENT INSPECTOR GENERAL SLAMS CLINTON IN EMAIL REPORT The new report continues to chip away at Hillary Clinton's weakness: "Voters just don't trust her." [Reuters]

'AMERICAN SNIPER' EXAGGERATED MILITARY AWARDS In his book, Chris Kyle reported receiving two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars, whereas military records show he received one Silver Star and three Bronze Stars. [The Intercept]

AFTER TWO DAUGHTERS LEAVE FOR ISIS, A MOTHER STRUGGLES TO SAVE THE OTHER TWO "In a small box in her bedroom, Oulfa Hamrounni keeps the photo she treasures most. It shows one of her daughters, brown hair flowing, a smile on her round face. The photo was taken before the girl and her sister left home to join the Islamic State’s affiliate in Libya." [WaPo]


THIS IS A VIDEO OF A 6-MONTH-OLD ON WATER SKIS Yeah, take a minute to let that sink in. [Deadspin]


A COUNTRY ON 'THE BRINK' A look at the disintegration of Venezuela, in pictures. [WaPo]

YOU KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD IS IMPORTANT Turns out your block may be even more so. [The Atlantic]

JOHNNY DEPP AND AMBER HEARD HAVE CALLED IT QUITS The two were married for a 15 months. [HuffPost]

IT ISN'T THE WHITE HOUSE But this mansion will do for the Obamas post presidency. [CNN]

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LOVE IN A CAT CAFE "And what many casual cat lovers may not realize is that cat cafes can also be an invaluable tool to help shelter cats find homes -- especially cats who might be freaked out by being stuck in a kennel." [HuffPost]

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~ Trump agreed to debate Bernie Sanders for charity. Can someone make this happen?

~ Could Alzheimer’s "stem from the toxic remnants of the brain’s attempt to fight off infection?"

~ Three journalists have disappeared in Colombia in the past few days.

~ Sounds like there won't be a "True Detective" season three, and we're probably the only people who agree with Vulture's Sean Collins that that's a shame.

~ Throw a party: we'll have two more seasons of "The Americans." And if you're not watching it already, start.

~ The names Emma and William have a bit of a monopoly on the most popular baby names per state this year.

~ We are zero percent happy about this potential miserable "Game of Thrones" plot twist. Just no.

~ Grade A trolling by Clinton’s camp with this customized snapchat filter they geotagged to a Trump event.

~ We apologize for not recognizing National Wine Day yesterday. For penance, here are wine ice cream recipes. You're welcome.

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