Wednesday's Morning Email: Red Dawn ~ GOP Crushes Democrats in 2014 Midterms

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DEMOCRATS CRUSHED IN 2014 MIDTERMS “Call it a thumping. Call it a shellacking. However you want to describe the 2014 midterm elections, the point remains the same. Democrats took it on the chin Tuesday night, losing the Senate, getting crushed in winnable governors' races, solidifying their minority status in the House for years to come, and stemming the party's ability to continue putting its stamp on the judiciary.” Check out a full list of last night’s results. [HuffPost]

THE AFTERMATH Marijuana and political legacies are among the broader winners and losers of election night. Howard Fineman examines what kind of majority leader Mitch McConnell will be. Here are some historical tips for President Obama as he faces off with a hostile Congress. And what does it all mean for 2016?

FRONT PAGE COVERAGE The Washington Post takes the lead as our favorite front page of the day, while The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal both go the map route. You can view all front page coverage here.

SECURITY INDUSTRY BOOMS “America’s preoccupation with safety and struggle with high-profile shootings has resulted in a boom in the number of security guards and private patrol officers. More than 680,000 work in the field, federal labor statistics show, a 20 percent increase since 2004. The security industry has grown four times faster than the private-sector labor market over that period.” [WaPo]

THE IDEAL EBOLA TEST “Searching for a new way to attack Ebola, companies and academic researchers are now racing to develop faster and easier tests for determining whether someone has the disease. Such tests might require only a few drops of blood rather than a test tube of it, and provide the answer on the spot, without having to send the sample to a laboratory.” [NYT]

NAVY SEAL WHO KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN TO GO AHEAD WITH INTERVIEW Despite backlash from the Navy SEALs and potential legal ramifications, the “shooter” will reveal his identity in a Fox News special airing next week. The move has rocked the tight-knit SEAL community. [WaPo]




INFANT EATING HABITS LAST A LIFETIME “The longer term problem with the discrepancy in infant dietary patterns is that these differences—specifically the exposure to certain unhealthy foods, and lack of exposure to certain other healthy ones—can negatively impact a child's long-term health, eating habits, and food preferences. A follow up to the Infant Feeding Practices study, which analyzed data for the same children at age six, found that infant feeding patterns appear to translate into similar childhood eating habits. And those preferences can last a lifetime.” [WaPo]

OPRAH’S FAVORITE THINGS Sadly, we can’t all get cars. But here’s what’s new on her annual Christmas list. [HuffPost]

THAT SECRET BEYONCE ALBUM... Only has two new songs. But hey, two new Beyonce songs! [MTV]

CVS CIGARETTE BAN MAY HAVE BOOSTED STORE SALES And the health revolution continues. [HuffPost]

FORGET TAYLOR, BEYONCE RAKED IN THE MOST CASH FOR 2014 Queen B made a cool $115 million. [Forbes]


HOW DEMOCRATS BLEW IT “Democrats have not defined the agenda or narrated the story. This capitulation creates a void of reason such that absurdities like McConnell's claim can take hold without everybody doubling over in laughter. Like frightened children Democrats run from Obama's record, as defined by the right, rather than championing his amazing successes as defined by fact.” [HuffPost]


~ Sorry ladies, Benedict Cumberbatch is officially off the market.

~ You can soon pick the skin color of your emojis.

~ Don’t pay to check your bags when flying.

~ This kid winning a truck with a miracle halfcourt shot may be the best thing you see all day.

~ It’s hard to follow Adele, but Sam Smith and his golden pipes should handle the next James Bond theme song nicely.

~ Note to self: don’t do photo shoots on the edge of a sea wall on a windy day.

~ These security questions would prove a bit harder to crack.

~ Every time Kramer stole food from Jerry on “Seinfeld.”

~ Butter love.

~ Meet the man who made the most of unlimited Olive Garden.

~ And you can now eat camouflage ice cream.

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