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Thursday's Morning Email: Osama bin Laden's Reading List


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Of the 39 English-language books Osama bin Laden had in his Pakistan compound when killed, several centered on 9/11 conspiracy theories. Here's what Bob Woodward had to say about bin Laden having his book on hand. And take a look at what a jihadist's job application looks like. [WaPo]

The final show and top ten list from the man who changed the late night game was littered with celebrity appearances. As Letterman said himself of the finale, "Save a little for the funeral." And here's what Letterman might do next. [Bill Bradley, HuffPost]

"Islamic State insurgents stormed the historic Syrian city of Palmyra on Wednesday, fighting off pro-government forces who withdrew after evacuating most of the civilian population, state television said. The capture of Palmyra is the first time the al Qaeda offshoot has taken control of a city directly from the Syrian army and allied forces, which have already lost ground in the northwest and south to other insurgent groups in recent weeks." [Reuters]

And reestablishing full diplomatic ties. [Reuters]

"Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who took to the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon to demand a halt to National Security Agency collection of ordinary Americans' phone data, ended his daylong speech just before midnight. Paul, who has made NSA spying a theme in his 2016 campaign for president, delayed a vote on an unrelated trade bill with his 10 1/2-hour speech, which he quit at 11:49 p.m., 12 minutes before meeting the technical definition of filibuster." [Jessica Schulberg, HuffPost]

Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in Santa Barbara. [AP]


After Cosby denied her allegations that he raped her in 1982. [AP]

On this week's Drinking and Talking, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), Victory Fund CEO Aisha Moodie-Mills, Robert Traynham, a former press secretary for Rick Santorum, and HuffPost reporters Jen Bendery and Sam Stein talk the upcoming aftermath after the Supreme Court's decision. [HuffPost]

Forget Jessica Alba, actress. It's now Jessica Alba, entrepreneur. [HuffPost]

If so, it would be in September. [HuffPost]

Like they need the help. [Vanity Fair]

Or is it an overpriced project untethered from reality? [The Guardian]


"If you're annoyed with cashiers asking for your charitable dollar at checkout, you're not all alone -- but you are in the minority. A report released last week found 55 percent of Americans enjoy being asked if they'd like to support a charitable cause at a store's register." [HuffPost]


"This stigma lives in the darkness of this millisecond, along with the overshadowing fear, lack of awareness and basic ignorance. Its complexities need to be broken down and broken apart so we can start from the beginning and rewire our thoughts on mental health and therapy." [HuffPost]


~ Break out the tissues: this organ donation ad about a man and his loyal dog will leave you bawling.

~ Watch Tyrion sing a jazz ditty about all the characters that have died on "Game of Thrones." We're glad he's still around.

~ The Australian police issued a warrant for Nickelback from crimes against music. This is not a joke.

~ What happens when you get rid of bosses?

~ Can you solve this third-grade math problem? We even whipped out the trusty old paper and pencil and still can't figure it out.

~ Our infrastructure spending is pretty dismal in comparison to the rest of the world.

~ Study links uptick in dolphin deaths to BP oil spill.

~ You may actually be drunk when you're in love.

~ "Mad Men" may be over, but here's how to shave like Don Draper.

~ Tired of late night work emails? You may be able to sue your boss for that.

~ Remember that guy who gyrocoptered onto Capitol Hill? He faces nine years in prison.

~ People featured a size 22 model on its cover.

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