Saturday's Morning Email: Funnies Edition

morning email

Saturday Edition: The Funnies

Dogs In Sunglasses Will Give You The Giggles
BRB, *dying*
The only accessory your pooch needs this summer.

When Amy Schumer Crashes Your Engagement Photo ...
.. You know the love is going to last.
amy schumer
Jealous? Who, us?

11 Things People With Motion Sickness Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing
You chew on some ginger!


There Are Only Two Kinds Of People In The World
Waking up is hard to do.
Sadly, we're team right pic.

17 Father's Day Cards That Aren't Ridiculously Sentimental
Because your dad is like your mom, except he doesn't need to hear I love you.
father's day
No cheesy poetry here!

And one more thing...

Be a pal.



Illustration by Eva Hill