Friday's Morning Email: Charleston Gunman Planned Attack For Months

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CHARLESTON GUNMAN PLANNED ATTACK 'FOR MONTHS' "Dylann Roof's roommate says the suspect was planning something big leading up to the alleged shooting at a South Carolina church Wednesday that left nine people dead. Dalton Tyler told ABC News that he'd known Roof for at least seven months, and that the 21-year-old was 'planning something like that for six months.'" Here's why the flags Roof is wearing in his Facebook profile picture matter. And watch President Obama discuss the horrific episode. [Andy Campbell, HuffPost]

MEET THE CHARLESTON VICTIMS Hundreds stood outside the Emanuel AME Church doors yesterday to mourn the nine victims of the Charleston shooting, who ranged in age from 26 to 87. [David Lohr, HuffPost]

CHINESE OPM HACK TOOK PLACE OVER A YEAR "The recently disclosed breach of the Office of Personnel Management’s security-clearance computer system took place a year ago, giving Chinese government intruders access to sensitive data for a year, according to new information. The considerable lag time between breach and discovery means that the adversary had more time to pull off a cyber-heist of consequence, said Stewart Baker, a former National Security Agency general counsel." Today is the deadline for federal workers to be notified if their information was compromised in the attack. [WaPo]

DELAWARE DECRIMINALIZES MARIJUANA Possessing up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use is no longer a criminal offense, making Delaware the 20th state to enact such a law. [Matt Ferner, HuffPost]

THE RISE OF DISCONNECTED YOUTH Memphis, Tennessee, and Bakersfield, California top the list of cities with the highest percentage of young people disconnected from school or a job. [CityLab]

243 PEOPLE ARRESTED FOR MEDICARE FRAUD Their fraudulent billing to the government healthcare program totaled $712 million. [Reuters]


YOU CAN KEEP YOUR CARRY-ON BAG The International Air Transportation Association recanted its recommendations to decrease carry-on baggage by 20% after the entire internet flipped. [AP]

STARBUCKS SIPHONING YOUR MONEY FASTER You can now order your favorite caffeine addiction via cell and pick it up in 3,400 more stores. [HuffPost]

WHAT'LL KILL TWITTER MAY SAVE IT The new Lightning feature will be a editorially curated look at what's "important" on Twitter -- therefore defeating the purpose of the filterless Twitter and maybe, just maybe, saving it. [Wired]

WATCH THE TRAILER FOR ROBIN WILLIAMS' LAST FILM The indie flick "Boulevard" features Williams as a "60-year-old closeted man who's been hiding from his true self all of his life." [HuffPost]

WHY THE SECOND APPLE WATCH WILL BE WORTH GETTING Get excited for Facetiming from your wrist. [HuffPost]


FORMERLY HOMELESS BOY USES MONEY TO MAKE CLOTHES "Xavier Elliott is on a mission to make clothes for homeless children in Phoenix, Arizona, using fabric he buys with his own allowance, KPNX reported." [HuffPost]


RACISM: NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS "When white people go on shooting sprees, their actions are frequently attributed to mental illness and, thus, they’re not considered fully accountable for the harm they’ve inflicted. This narrative -- which is not afforded to people of color -- feeds into the assumption that incidents like what happened at Emanuel AME Church are isolated tragedies executed by lone gunmen. Essentially, it excuses the system that allows racialized terrorism to keep happening." [HuffPost]


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