Monday's Morning Email: Supreme Court Rulings On Gay Marriage, Obamacare Imminent

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SUPREME COURT RULINGS ON OBAMACARE, GAY MARRIAGE EXPECTED BY END OF MONTH As the nation awaits the court's "blockbuster" verdicts on Obamacare and gay marriage, either of which could come as soon as today, a look at the unmoving approval rating for Obamacare. And here's why Justice Kennedy is expected to be the swing vote that'll legalize gay marriage. [Reuters]

CHARLESTON CHURCH REOPENS Hundreds came to the first services at Emanuel AME Church since the massacre that left nine people dead five days ago. One of the victim's sons has said that suspected killer Dylann Roof attempted to kill himself after the shooting. And take a look at the Charleston Post and Courier's moving cover tribute to the victims. [Sebastian Murdock and Donovan Ramsey, HuffPost]

BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE WHITE HOUSE AFTER A MASS SHOOTING "Those who have worked at the White House describe these moments as excruciatingly awful. At first, it is a torturous scramble for news from any source available, whether it be television, local officials or law enforcement." For more news from Senior Politics Editor Sam Stein, get his newsletter. [Sam Stein, HuffPost]

TALIBAN ATTACKS AFGHAN PARLIAMENT All seven militants were killed in the attack, while 18 civilians were injured. [AP]

GREEK BAILOUT SHOWDOWN TO COME TO HEAD TODAY European stock markets have been rallying in hopes of a deal, which would save Greece from defaulting. [WSJ]

ALMOST 100 DIE FROM POISONOUS MOONSHINE IN MUMBAI "The concentration of toxic methanol in the hooch was high enough to send more than a hundred consumers to hospitals with complaints of breathlessness, stomach aches and failing vision. The death toll is now higher than that of Mumbai’s last major hooch catastrophe in 2004, when 89 people had died in Vikhroli." [Quartz]

UBER WANTS TO BAN GUNS Let us draw your attention to this reasoning for the change, presented without comment: "The company changed its rules on June 10 following two recent times when Uber drivers fired guns." [CNN]

TRAIL TO THE CHIEF: TEN THINGS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS DON'T NEED With the demise of the Iowa Straw Poll (RIP), here's what else we'd ax from the presidential process. [Howard Fineman, Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]


JORDAN SPIETH MAY HAVE WON THE U.S. OPEN, BUT DUSTIN JOHNSON LOST IT We want to buy the guy a drink after watching Johnson miss a putt twice on the final hole to allow Spieth to force a playoff and ultimately win his second major tournament. [HuffPost]

T-SWIFT - 1 APPLE MUSIC - 0 After the pop starlet denounced the music service in a scathing open letter, Apple has reversed its policy and agreed to compensate artists during users' free trial period with the music-streaming service. [HuffPost]

'TRUE DETECTIVE 2' OFF TO ROCKY START There was just a smidge too much hype. Just a smidge. [HuffPost]

TRY TO WATCH THIS AD AND NOT GRAB A COKE Coca-Cola has officially mastered mind control. [Ad Pulp]

'JURASSIC WORLD' TO CROSS BILLION DOLLAR MARK TODAY Truly *eating* the competition. Sorry. [Variety]

STOP LOOKING AT YOUR PHONE'S GPS You can learn your way around, it's possible not to rely on the machine. [Deadspin]

FOODS TO CLEAR UP YOUR SKIN Pass us the honey. [HuffPost]


PANTHERS DONATE $10,000 TO EACH FAMILY OF CHARLESTON VICTIMS "Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson announced in a letter Friday that his organization would donate $100,000 in honor of the victims of the Charleston, South Carolina, shooting on Wednesday." [HuffPost]


HOW THE PRESIDENCY MADE ME A BETTER FATHER "It just so happens that I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by women. They're the most important people in my life. They're the people who've shaped me the most. And in this job, they are my sanctuary. People often ask me whether being President has made it more difficult to spend time with Michelle and our girls. But the surprising truth is that being in the White House has made our family life more 'normal' than it's ever been." [HuffPost]

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