Wednesday's Morning Email: Greece Bailout Plan Due Sunday

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GREECE HAS UNTIL SUNDAY FOR BAILOUT PROPOSAL "Eurozone leaders set Greece a Sunday deadline to come up with new and even-tougher economic measures if the country wants to avoid defaulting on the European Central Bank and crashing out of the currency union." In its hardline stance on Greece's debt, Germany appears to be forgetting its own post-war debt crisis, as economist Thomas Picketty pointed out. And here's what a Grexit would look like. [WSJ]

ANOTHER CONGRESSIONAL SHUTDOWN BREWING A potential government shutdown looms this fall as both parties fight over spending bills. Debt ceiling negotiations also need to be completed before the fiscal year ends to avoid a potential default. [Michael McAuliff, HuffPost]

CHINESE MARKETS STILL IN FREEFALL "Chinese markets fell sharply Wednesday, even as officials scrambled to arrest a three-week stock selloff. The widespread selling has spilled into global markets and is deepening doubts about Beijing’s limits to halt it." [WSJ]

CALIFORNIA LEGISLATORS KILL RIGHT-TO-DIE BILL The bill, which proposed "physician-assisted death," was punted amid heavy opposition, leaving Oregon, Washington and Vermont as the only states with similar laws. [Lydia O'Connor, HuffPost]

MICROSOFT TO SLASH JOBS The new round of layoffs will be in addition to the 18,000 jobs Microsoft already planned to cut this year. [NYT]

SHELL GAMBLES ON ARCTIC LIQUID GOLD The company believes the possibilities for oil output outweigh the incredible risks that come from drilling in the fragile area. [WSJ]

CVS HEALTH QUITS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE "CVS Health Corp said it was withdrawing its membership from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce after media reports that the trade group was lobbying globally against anti-smoking laws. The No. 2 U.S. drugstore chain said it was 'surprised' to read recent reports on the chamber's position on tobacco products outside the United States." [Reuters]


SUBWAY'S JARED STEPS ASIDE AMID CHILD PORN INVESTIGATION Subway spokesman Jared Fogle has stepped aside after his home was raided in a child porn investigation yesterday. Fogle has yet to be charged. [HuffPost]

PAULA DEEN TWEETS 'BROWNFACE' PHOTO Not sure why anyone ever thinks this is a good idea. [HuffPost]

WE JUST GOT A HAN SOLO ORIGIN MOVIE Thank you, Disney, thank you very much. [HuffPost]

BEHIND THOSE SEMICOLON TATTOOS "The trend of semicolon tattoos was started by Project Semicolon, which describes itself as 'a faith-based non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-injury.'" [HuffPost]

PRINCE CHARMING IS GETTING HIS OWN MOVIE Because royal male protagonists are a very underserved genre. [E Online]

WHAT TRAINERS DO AFTER A WORKOUT Spoiler: it's not settle down in front of the TV with a bowl of ice cream. [HuffPost]

LOOKS LIKE INSTAGRAM IS UPPING ITS IMAGE SIZE Get ready for some BIG changes (sorry, had to). [The Verge]


MUSLIMS RALLY AROUND BLACK CHURCHES AFTER ARSON "Muslims are bringing hope to Christian communities in the South after a recent spate of fires devastated black church buildings. Three Muslim organizations have teamed up to raise money to rebuild worship centers in Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina that were destroyed by fire the past few weeks." [HuffPost]


HALF-MARATHON TRAINING TIPS For those of you also procrastinating that 12-week running program on your fridge. [HuffPost]


~ Forget the "man cave" and take a look at the "she shed." Yes, we just wrote that sentence.

~ Don't say these things in a wine shop. Ever.

~ Starbucks is keeping its "cold brew" for good.

~ Harper Lee seemed in high spirits after receiving one of the first copies of her highly anticipated "To Kill A Mockingbird" sequel.

~ Forget a "sharing economy" and welcome to the "servitude bubble."

~ You can now pop out Facebook videos to watch, making your usual listless scrolling through Facebook on the job just that much more exciting.

~ "Simpsons" fans, never fear: Harry Shearer, the voice of Mr. Burns, isn't quitting after all.

~ Twitter, the new weapon for weight loss.

~ Meeting the pope at 30,000 feet.

~ A small shark fell out of the sky and into this family's backyard. Cue allllllll the Sharknado jokes.

~ And this tortilla sounds as good as vinyl.

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