Friday's Morning Email: Chattanooga Shooter Kills Four Marines

Friday's Morning Email: Chattanooga Shooter Kills Four Marines

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"Four Marines were shot dead Thursday after a gunman brazenly opened fire on two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The shooter was also killed and three people -- including a police officer -- were injured, city officials said." Here's what we know about the alleged shooter, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, who is being investigated for domestic terrorism. [Sebastian Murdock, Simon McCormack and Andres Jauregui, HuffPost]

James Holmes was found guilty of multiple counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder yesterday after killing 12 people and wounding 70 more in his attack on a Colorado movie theater in 2012. [Ryan Grenoble, HuffPost]

"In the most detailed nationwide inventory of untested rape kits ever, USA TODAY and journalists from more than 75 Gannett newspapers and TEGNA TV stations have found at least 70,000 neglected kits in an open-records campaign covering 1,000-plus police agencies – and counting. Despite its scope, the agency-by-agency count covers a fraction of the nation's 18,000 police departments, suggesting the number of untested rape kits reaches into the hundreds of thousands." [USA Today]

The AP evaluates where the investigation stands for the 298 people killed when their plane was targeted by an alleged ground-to-air missile while flying over Ukraine. [AP]

"Europe’s top air safety regulator on Friday called for a series of measures aimed at strengthening the medical and psychological oversight of the region’s commercial airline pilots, including random drug and alcohol testing of flight crews." [NYT]

Following the Charleston massacre, more and more Americans consider racism to be the greatest problem facing the United States today. [Yujia Pan, HuffPost]

The New York Times examines the legal leeway in maritime laws. [NYT]


Why oh why are Keri Russell and Julianna Margulies left off the list? Read the full list of nominees here. [HuffPost]

You can read the Duggars' full statement here after the news broke that TLC had canceled their show. [HuffPost]

You control the color wheel, you rule the world. [Nautilus]

Clearly we need to brush up on our rap after surveying this list. [Quartz]

Nobody needs one of those. [HuffPost]


"An initiative out of Stanford University has found success in boosting preschoolers’ test scores by sending basic text messages to their parents. The texts, which are sent three times a week during the school year, suggest simple literacy-boosting activities for parents to do with their kids at home." [HuffPost]


"All students need digital literacy, many need computational thinking depending on their career choice, and some will actually do the software development in high-tech companies, IT departments, or other specialized areas. I don't believe all kids should learn to code seriously, but all kids should try it via programs like, CS First or Khan Academy." [HuffPost]


~ Another Pixar theory we can get behind.

~ So 60 years ago, you could go to Disney World for a dollar.

~ Trying to save the environment by bringing reusable bags? You may end up buying more junk food.

~ The Internet is up in arms over Gawker's alleged outing of a Conde Nast executive.

~ Prepare yourself for bacon seaweed to be a thing.

~ Planned Parenthood apologized for the "'tone and statements' of a senior staff member who was secretly recorded in a video that critics say suggests the U.S. reproductive health organization sells aborted fetal tissue."

~ Sign us up for this pool cliff house.

~ Behind the insane plot to kill Lil Wayne.

~ On this week's "So That Happened," Sherrod Brown talks about why he isn't running for president.

~ And we're with Lena Dunham: Standing next to supermodels doesn't sound like a great time.

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