Wednesday's Morning Email: Closing Guantanamo Remains On Obama's To-Do List

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ONE GLARING ITEM LEFT ON OBAMA'S TO-DO LIST: GUANTANAMO "President Obama is enjoying a winning streak lately, with the Supreme Court reaffirming his signature health care law and Iran agreeing to curbs on its nuclear program. But one longstanding goal continues to bedevil him: closing the wartime prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. The administration’s fitful effort to shut down the prison is collapsing again." [NYT]

U.S. WILL NOT PUBLICLY BLAME CHINA FOR OPM HACK Part of the reluctance stems from the "concern that making a public case against China could require exposing details of the United States’ own espionage and cyberspace capabilities." [WaPo]

ACCENTURE TO ELIMINATE THE EMPLOYEE REVIEW The company plans to shift to a review system that revolves around feedback after each project. [Dominique Mosbergen, HuffPost]

HACKERS CAN EASILY BREAK INTO YOUR CAR AND CONTROL IT Yes, you are welcome to spiral into deep fear now. Here's what Congress is doing about it. [Wired]

FLORIDA SEES UPTICK IN LEPROSY CASES Experts are blaming increased contact with armadillos. [CNN]

THIS COAST GUARD'S 'MONUMENTAL EFFORT' TO RESCUE FOUR FISHERMEN "He swam 250 yards over to the lifeboat, said Mosley, in five-foot waves, water already slick with fuel, the air thick with fuel. He got the first man to leave the life raft, grabbed him with one arm, and with the other and the aid of his fins, swam 250 yards back to shore. Then he swam back to the lifeboat, another 250 yards, grabbed the second fisherman and hauled him back to shore. Then it was back to the lifeboat, another 250 yards, and back to shore with the third man. Then he returned to the lifeboat, yet another 250 yards to get the fourth fisherman, and safely returned him to shore." [WaPo]


WHERE TO SEE THE POPE WHEN HE VISITS THE U.S. Start planning now to get a glimpse of the pontiff on his U.S. trip in late September. [HuffPost]

THE WEBSITE EVERYBODY IN MEDIA CAN'T STOP READING Heard of The Awl? No? Its founders like it that way. [The Verge]

T-SWIFT AND NICKI MINAJ ARE IN A BIT OF A TWITTER SCUFFLE Minaj isn't too happy about MTV's failure to nominate "Anaconda" for Video of the Year and Best Choreography, and Swift took offense to a few of her tweets. [HuffPost]

BEHIND THE NEW DR. SEUSS BOOK Yes, they did find it in a box. Check out the review for "What Pet Should I Get?" [NYT]

THE GEORGIA TOWN WHERE EVERY FAMILY HAS A GUN "In Kennesaw, Georgia, a good citizen is an armed citizen. In 1982, a law was passed that required each head of household to own a working firearm with ammunition." [The Atlantic]


REDUCING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE "A report released Tuesday is proposing a simple way to reduce domestic violence: Give victims free lawyers. Lawyers are expensive, and women who need them often can't afford them. Without legal counsel, it can be harder for women to get protective orders, leave their abusive partners and escape the cycle of violence." [HuffPost]


UNPLUG FOR THE SUMMER "Breathe in the sounds, the smells, and the peace of a summer day or evening with your kids. Let the beeps beep, the pings ping and the alerts land on deaf ears. Turn away from your screen, and toward your children. You won't regret it." [HuffPost]


~ James Bond is going rogue in the latest "Spectre" trailer.

~ Prepsters, rejoice: Kate Spade is opening a leisure and baking line.

~ How hot chicken became the next hot culinary thing (yes, you saw what we did there).

~ Royals sure know how to give the people what they want: Prince George's birthday portrait could not be cuter.

~ If you would like to cry today, watch AT&T's ad against distracted driving.

~ Historic fiction author E.L. Doctorow has died. He was 84.

~ How much grabbing that beer with your Cracker Jacks will cost you at each Major League ballpark.

~ The song of the summer is dead.

~ Taste-testing McDonald's secret menu.

~ We kind of love Kim Kardashian's makeup-free Vogue shoot.

~ Country singer Chris Young wants to make it very clear he had nothing to do with the Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorce.

~ This guy won France's World Championship Scrabble competition. He doesn't speak French, he just casually memorized a whole dictionary.

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