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WELCOMING HUFFPOST ARABI "Marhaba from London, where we're launching HuffPost Arabi, our 14th international edition, in partnership with Wadah Khanfar and Integral Media Strategies. While all of our other editions around the world focus on one country, HuffPost Arabi will span the entire Arab world -- comprised of 377 million people living in 22 countries, stretching from Mauritania in the northwest corner of Africa to Oman on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula -- and the Arab diasporas everywhere from Brazil to Japan." [Arianna Huffington, HuffPost]

CHINA STOCKS DROP The Shanghai share index dropped 8 percent Monday, causing European stocks to dip sharply as well. Today was the "sharpest daily fall" since 2007 for the Chinese markets. [AP]

CREATING A 'SAFE ZONE' IN NORTHWEST SYRIA "Turkey and the United States have agreed on the outlines of a de facto 'safe zone' along the Turkey-Syria border under the terms of a deal that is expected to significantly increase the scope and pace of the U.S.-led air war against the Islamic State in northern Syria, according to U.S. and Turkish officials. The agreement includes a plan to drive the Islamic State out of a 68-mile-long area west of the Euphrates River and reaching into the province of Aleppo that would then come under the control of the Syrian opposition." [WaPo]

The exodus of Puerto Ricans to Florida could sway the ultimate swing state. [WaPo]

BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN DEAD AT 22 After an almost six-month hospitalization, Bobbi Kristina Brown has died. Oprah led tributes for the only daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. [HuffPost]

BILL COSBY'S ACCUSERS SPEAK OUT TO NEW YORK MAGAZINE See 35 of the women reclaim their stories. [New York Magazine]

OUR LIST OF DREAM 2016 INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES That aren't named Donald Trump. [Howard Fineman, Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]


THEATER SHOOTING HAS 'MINIMAL BOX OFFICE IMPACT' The weekend box office was down 5 percent compared to last year's haul, but executives believe the discrepancy can be blamed on weaker openings this weekend. [Variety]

BEHIND THE SINALOA DRUG CARTEL'S TUNNEL DIGGING SKILLS How a drug cartel mastered the art of digging tunnels to covertly ferry drugs between the U.S. and Mexico and pull off one of the greatest jail breaks in recent history. [The New Yorker]

HOW MUCH DOES A HUMAN EGG COST? A lawsuit claims "price guidelines adopted by fertility clinics nationwide have artificially suppressed the amount” that women can make for their eggs, violating antitrust laws. [WSJ]

'AND THEN HE DECIDED NOT TO BE' One man's spiral into heroin's death grip. [WaPo]

BEHIND THE MEME FONT How the Impact font came to rule the Internet. [Vox]

BOB DOLE WANTS A PRESIDENTIAL MEMORIAL FOR IKE "The road to building a memorial in the nation’s capital is often long and messy, and the Eisenhower project is no exception. It took 42 years and several design competitions to complete the memorial for Franklin D. Roosevelt, while the WWII memorial needed 11 years to finish." [WaPo]


BARBARA BUSH'S GLOBAL HEALTH INITIATIVE "Today Global Health Corps is booming. It receives nearly 6,000 applications a year for fewer than 150 positions as fellows. Half of the fellows are American and half foreign, mostly African, and the program gets plenty of praise from health professionals." [NYT]


SOUNDING THE ALARM ON THE RISING SEA LEVEL "My conclusion, based on the total information available, is that continued high emissions would result in multi-meter sea level rise this century and lock in continued ice sheet disintegration such that building cities or rebuilding cities on coast lines would become foolish." [HuffPost]


~ Yes, you should watch the Kanye West/Steve McQueen bootleg nine-minute film.

~ We're all about "High School Musical" reunion photos.

~ Tintype photos of today's folk singers.

~ When you're dropping someone's baby to catch the wedding bouquet, things are not looking up.

~ Yeah, Uncle Jesse's still got it.

~ Meet the "sea slaves."

~ Of course Kelly Clarkson killed a cover of T-Swift's "Blank Space."

~ Drake is all about throwing down with Meek Mill in his latest track.

~ Baby owls.

~ And happy Monday: Here's Jack Sparrow feeding a baby bat.

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