Wednesday's Morning Email: Senate GOP Moves To Defund Planned Parenthood

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SENATE GOP MOVES TO DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD "After a group of GOP senators huddled Tuesday afternoon to discuss the recently released undercover 'sting' videos of Planned Parenthood, Republicans unveiled legislation to strip the family planning provider of its federal funding." [Laura Barron-Lopez, HuffPost]

HOW MANY TIMES HAVE HACKERS STOLEN YOUR INFO? According to this New York Times quiz, basically all of your information is compromised. Cool. [NYT]

TALIBAN LEADER MULLAH OMAR IS DEAD "Mullah Mohammad Omar, the spiritual leader of the Taliban, is dead, according to Afghan officials and a person close to the group. His death raises questions about who will lead the movement that allied with al Qaeda, fought a war with the U.S. and is now divided over whether to pursue an elusive peace deal with Afghanistan’s new government." [WSJ]

IF ALIEN LIFE EXISTS, WE'RE 'ON THE CUSP' OF DISCOVERING IT At least, that's according to Dr. John Grunsfeld, the physicist and former astronaut who heads up NASA's Science Mission Directorate. [Jen Bendery, HuffPost]

NFL UPHOLDS TOM BRADY SUSPENSION The Patriots quarterback will now be taking the NFL to court over the four-game suspension. The NFL cited "additional unsavory tactics used by the quarterback during the time of the league's investigation, including Brady's decision to order his cell phone be destroyed on or around 'the very day' he was interviewed as part of the NFL's independent investigation." [Lucy McCalmont, HuffPost]

AN ALTERNATE TO RAISES "Once a staple of the American workplace, the annual raise is turning into a relic of the pre-crisis economy as companies turn to creative -- and cheaper -- ways to compensate their employees. More businesses are upping their spending on benefits such as one-time bonuses, health care and paid time off, according to recent survey data." [WaPo]


KILLER OF CECIL THE LION IDENTIFIED "An American dentist with an affinity for killing rare wildlife using a bow and arrow has been identified as the man who shot and killed Zimbabwe's most famous lion earlier this month, local officials claim." The Internet backlash has been swift. [HuffPost]

BEHIND WINDOWS 10 All the tips and tricks you need to not look like an idiot when it comes out today. [AP]

A FAVORITE IS RETURNING TO 'THE VIEW' Sherri Shepherd is set to come back as a "lead contributor." [HuffPost]

WHY CHINA WANTS THE SOUTH CHINA SEA Besides the clear name distinction. [The Guardian]


RESEARCHERS RECOMMEND PRIMARY CARE DEPRESSION SCREENINGS "U.S. adults should be screened for depression, according to a proposal from a government-backed panel of medical experts. With this proposal, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force broadens its 2009 recommendation that adults be screened in doctors' offices if staff-assisted depression care is available." [Reuters]

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THE NEW YORK SUMMER CAMP FOR HOMELESS KIDS "Homes for the Homeless, a New York-based nonprofit, offers an alternative for over 500 homeless children each summer. Since 1989, the organization has brought hundreds of children each summer for three 16-day sleepaway camp sessions on the grounds of Harriman State Park in upstate New York." [HuffPost]


TAKING STUDENT DEBT TO THE GRAVE "It will not be news to 41 million Americans that this nation is in the middle of a student debt crisis. That's the number of people burdened by student loan payments. But many people, including many student debt holders, may be surprised to learn that people can be pursued for student debt even into their elder years." [HuffPost]


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