Monday's Morning Email: Police Shoot Man On Ferguson Anniversary

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POLICE: MAN SHOT AFTER OPENING FIRE ON OFFICERS IN FERGUSON "On the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's death, police in Ferguson, Missouri, shot a man they say opened fire on them." St. Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar said of the men allegedly exchanging fire with police, “They were criminals; they weren’t protesters. … Protesters are the people out there talking about a way to effect change. We can’t afford to have this kind of violence, not only on a night like this but any point in time if we’re going to move forward in the right direction.” [Ryan Reilly, HuffPost]

UNINSURED RATE DROPS UNDER OBAMACARE "The share of Americans without health insurance has dropped sharply since enrollment under the Affordable Care Act began in 2013, according to survey results published by Gallup on Monday. And the law's effects are even more dramatic in states that cooperated with the federal government instead of fighting Obamacare." [Jeffrey Young, HuffPost]

WHO WILL OVERTAKE TRUMP? This week's First to Last takes a stab at ranking the actual GOP candidates. In the meantime, Donald Trump has refused to apologize to Megyn Kelly. And if you want to look at something depressing today, check out the number of sexist tweets Kelly got before and after the GOP debate. [Howard Fineman and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]

FRANK GIFFORD DEAD AT 84 Tributes have poured in for the former Hall of Fame football legend. And here's how he met his wife, Kathie Lee Gifford. [AP]

YOUR FUTURE GOVERNOR PROBABLY JUST LIVED IT UP IN MAUI "Last month, a group of state attorneys general flew to Maui for the annual meeting of the Conference of Western Attorneys General. For several days, the top law enforcement officers -- who are often referred to as 'aspiring governors' because of their tendency to run for and win higher elected office -- attended panels and swapped legal expertise on issues facing their states. They also mixed with executives, lawyers and lobbyists at a Waldorf Astoria resort that boasts tropical gardens, a swim-up bar and a grand view of Wailea Beach." [Dana Liebelson, HuffPost]

EXPERTS BELIEVE HEPATITIS C EPIDEMIC LINKED TO HEROIN USAGE "Public health agencies and drug treatment centers nationwide are scrambling to battle an explosive increase in cases of hepatitis C, a scourge they believe stems at least in part from a surge in intravenous heroin use." [AP]

PAKISTAN CHILD SEX ABUSE RING INVESTIGATED At least 280 children were abused by a gang of 15 men, who filmed their actions and used the footage to blackmail the victims' parents. [NYT]

FAMILY OF EIGHT KILLED IN HOUSTON HOME Two adults and six children were shot in the head, allegedly by an ex-boyfriend of the mother. [AP]



'FANTASTIC FOUR' A 'FANTASTIC FLOP' Made for over $150 million, the film has only brought in a little over $26 million. We still love you, Miles Teller. [Reuters]

T-SWIFT RESPONDED TO A FAN THAT NEEDED HER She wrote to a fan who was having a tough go, "I hate that you're feeling that way and it's so hard not to dwell on our fears and doubts, because we want spoilers for how it's going to turn out. … But in reality, we just have to go through life not knowing what's next." She also brought Fetty Wrap on stage, because why not. [HuffPost]

'EMPIRE' CLEANS UP AT TELEVISION CRITICS ASSOCIATION AWARDS And who can blame them when you have a character like Cookie Lyon?! [Variety]

EVERYTHING IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD Bill Murray will be in the latest "Ghostbusters." [The Hollywood Reporter]

WHY YOU GET CARSICK And all your buddies are doing just fine, not that you're at all bitter about it. [Vox]

WHEN SOCIAL ENGINEERING HELPS YOU STEAL MILLIONS "Part theater and part science, social engineering is the method by which hackers, for lack of a better term, exploit vulnerabilities in human psychology; for Jonah, it was a key to getting anything he wanted, from televisions and laptops to smartphones and expensive wines." [The Daily Dot]

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WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE MUSEUM MIGHT BECOME NATIONAL PARK "Women who fought to earn their right to vote set the stage for a century of enfranchisement advocacy in the United States. The 14 Democratic women in the U.S. Senate introduced a bill on Thursday to designate the nation's foremost museum of women's suffrage as a national park." [HuffPost]


WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT CHEMOTHERAPY "Chemo can cause all sorts of aversions. The most common being that you won't be able to stand anything you consume during chemo. I don't know if it's just the association with it being 'chemo food' or if there is some scientific explanation. So do not, I repeat, do not bring your favorite candies or snacks with you to the infusion room." [HuffPost]


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