Thursday's Morning Email: Meet The Senators Who Could Make Or Break The Iran Deal

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HERE ARE THE SENATORS WHO COULD MAKE OR BREAK THE IRAN DEAL "Seventeen Democrats have publicly indicated they will vote against a resolution of disapproval, meaning they will back the agreement with Iran. A full list can be found at the end of this article. This means Obama is 17 votes shy of the number he needs. The Huffington Post has evaluated the positions that the remaining members of the Senate Democratic caucus are likely to take, based on public statements, voting histories and conversations with officials and congressional staff members." [Ryan Grim and Jessica Schulberg, HuffPost]

MEET THE MOTHERS OF ISIS "Their children abandoned them to join the worst terror organization on earth. Now all they have is each other." [Julia Ioffe, HuffPost]

FORMER PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER REVEALS HE HAS CANCER The cancer, which was found during a recent liver surgery, is "now in other parts of my body," Carter said. [Sam Levine, HuffPost]

MASSIVE EXPLOSION IN CHINA KILLS 44 Hundreds more were injured in the huge blast in the port city of Tianjin. Watch the devastating explosion here. [Nick Robins-Early, HuffPost]

DOZENS DEAD IN TRUCK BOMB IN BAGHDAD "At least 76 people were killed and 212 wounded on Thursday in a blast claimed by Islamic State in Baghdad's Sadr City, police and medical sources said, one of the biggest attacks on the capital since Haider al-Abadi became prime minister a year ago." [Reuters]

INSIDE THE BACK-CHANNEL NEGOTIATIONS WITH CUBA Plus how the pope, and a woman wanting to become a mother, were key to the thaw. [Mother Jones]

IT'S OFFICIAL: WARREN HARDING DID HAVE A LOVE CHILD "Long before Lucy Mercer, Kay Summersby or Monica Lewinsky, there was Nan Britton, who scandalized a nation with stories of carnal adventures in a White House coat closet and endured a ferocious backlash for publicly claiming that she bore the love child of President Warren G. Harding. Now nearly a century later, according to genealogists, new genetic tests confirm for the first time that Ms. Britton’s daughter, Elizabeth Ann Blaesing, was indeed Harding’s biological child." [NYT]

ANOTHER UBER DRIVER HAS BEEN ARRESTED FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT His day job? Sixth-grade teacher. [Andres Jauregui, HuffPost]


CONGRATS TO MARINERS' HISASHI IWAKUMA ON THAT NO-HITTER He's only the second Japanese pitcher in MLB history to accomplish the incredible feat. [AP]

WANNA GET AWAY? No, really, Southwest is having a massive sale that ends at 11:59 p.m. [HuffPost]

UGGIE THE DOG, CO-STAR OF 'THE ARTIST,' HAS DIED The beloved canine actor was 13. [HuffPost]

THE 'HATEFUL EIGHT' TRAILER DROPPED And we're in for another rollicking, violent time with Quentin Tarantino's latest. [HuffPost]

NBCUNIVERSAL INVESTS $200 MILLION IN VOX MEDIA Hello, massive chunk of change. [Variety]

HOW LACROIX WON THE 'SPARKLING WATER WARS' Take that, Pepsi and Coke! [Bloomberg]

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THE SHADE BALLS HELPING TO PREVENT CALIFORNIA DROUGHT "Los Angeles can't make it rain, but it can shield its precious water with 'shade balls' -- 96 million of them to be exact. For months, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has been releasing the black plastic balls to float on the surface of the 175-acre Los Angeles Reservoir in a massive drought relief project." [HuffPost]


TALKING TO YOUR TEENAGE SELF "You will need to stop people pleasing. You will need to stop trying to appear perfect all the time. You will need to be vulnerable. A breakdown will occur. Rock bottom will happen. You will be an anxious, stressed, sad and angry mess of a person, and you will rise." [HuffPost]


~ Three more Bill Cosby accusers have come forward.

~ Glenn Greenwald lays out how Hillary Clinton has dug her own grave when it comes to mishandling classified information.

~ When your city is lying about pothole fixes.

~ This woman is suing a clinic for giving her a flu shot instead of a birth control shot -- and she became pregnant.

~ Well, guys, your dream movie is in the works. Blake Lively is in talks to star as a surfer battling a shark. We're sure she'll be doing this in a bikini.

~ We, and the Internet, are terrified by this courtroom sketch of Tom Brady.

~ What a plus-size Angel would mean for Victoria's Secret.

~ Of course Mark Wahlberg is making a buddy cop movie, and of course we'll see it.

~ According to Atlas Obscura, "the Real Housewives of Ancient Egypt had 8-foot-long prenups."

~ Christina Aguilera shared a topless Instagram photo because she "felt like it was time to start sharing some personal stuff with you guys." All-righty then.

~ A Taylor Swift fan showed his love for the singer with some domino art, and it's almost too much to handle.

~ This eagle is not a drone fan.

~ "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter shares how relieved she is to have had breast reduction surgery.

~ We can't quite stomach this clip of Michelle Rodriguez eating a mouse roasted in her own urine.

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