Wednesday's Morning Email: Experts Believe Ashley Madison Hack Data Is Real

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EXPERTS: ASHLEY MADISON HACK DUMP IS REAL "The user data pillaged from affair website Ashley Madison and dumped onto the Internet appears to be the real deal, independent security experts said Wednesday. The website reportedly has as many as 37 million users, and gigabytes of names, addresses, credit card numbers and emails allegedly tied to the site were leaked onto the so-called 'dark web' late Tuesday night." Here's why such a leak could result in blackmail and chaos. [Dana Liebelson and Damon Beres, HuffPost]

HOW THE U.S. IS FIGHTING ISIS AND RISKING FUNDING IRAN'S FAVORITE TERROR GROUP By financially aiding Lebanon's fight with its growing ISIS threat, the U.S. risks a misappropriation of funds to the terror group Hezbollah. [Akbar Ahmed and Jessica Schulberg, HuffPost]

GRAD SCHOOL DEBT ON THE RISE "The doubling of student debt since the recession, to $1.19 trillion, has stoked a national discussion over how to rein in college costs and debt and is becoming a major issue in the 2016 presidential race. Little noted in the outcry is the disproportionate role played by postgraduate borrowers, who now account for roughly 40% of all student debt but represent just 14% of students in higher education." [WSJ]

SUBWAY FIRES JARED IN LIGHT OF EXPECTED CHILD PORN GUILTY PLEA The spokesman is expected to plead guilty today in a plea deal for child pornography possession charges. [Michael McLaughlin and Andy Campbell, HuffPost]

FDA APPROVES PILL THAT IMPROVES WOMEN'S LIBIDO "The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved the first prescription drug designed to boost sexual desire in women, a milestone long sought by a pharmaceutical industry eager to replicate the blockbuster success of impotence drugs for men." [AP]

WOMEN CAN NOW BECOME NAVY SEALS The news comes a day after the Army announced two women were graduating from its elite Ranger School. [Marina Fang, HuffPost]

STARBUCKS TO LAUNCH WINE AND CRAFT BEER SALES TODAY Anyone else feel like Starbucks is making sure you never have to leave its locations? [USA Today]


EMMY PREDICTIONS ABOUND How do you choose between Elisabeth Moss and Viola Davis? [HuffPost]

ANNE HATHAWAY SET TO STAR IN TV SHOW The "limited TV series [is] titled The Ambassador's Wife … [and] tells the story of a woman named Miranda, the wife of a diplomat, who's kidnapped in a fictional Middle Eastern country called Mazrooq." Did we already buy the book on Amazon? Maybe. [Vulture]

DOES YOUR SCALP ITCH? Treatment-resistant lice are now in 25 states. Try to keep from scratching your head right now. [HuffPost]

MAPPING THE U.S., IN EMOJIS Proud to point out that Missouri's most popular unique emoji is a baseball. [WaPo]

THE FIRST PROMO FOR TREVOR NOAH'S 'DAILY SHOW' HAS ARRIVED Prepare yourself for his debut Sept. 28. [HuffPost]

TV SEASONS SHOULD BE LONGER We're with you, Margaret Lyons -- shows need to up their episode count and give the people what they want. [Vulture]

ROSIE O'DONNELL'S DAUGHTER CHELSEA HAS BEEN FOUND The 17-year-old is in police custody, according to her mother. [HuffPost]

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GOOGLE'S SOLAR ENERGY PUSH "Google on Monday launched Project Sunroof, an online tool that helps people determine whether they should get solar panels for their home. The experiment, part of Google's push to increase awareness of solar energy, analyzes your house's location, roof space and energy bill, and tells you how much solar panels will cost you -- and how much money you could save on electricity." [HuffPost]


THE MYTH OF 'HAVING IT ALL' "And then, knock me over with a feather-duster if real life didn't come along and ruin it. (Don't you just hate it when that happens?) Because as we have learnt, 'having it all' AT ONCE is impossible -- unless you have a dozen sets of hands, 36 hours in every day and 14 days in every week. As Annabel Crabb so brilliantly pointed out in her book The Wife Drought, what every working mother needs is a wife of her own -- someone to sort the more mundane of the minutiae, while you get on with the more compelling stuff." [HuffPost]


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