Wednesday's Morning Email: Jeb Goes After Trump

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JEB TAKES AIM AT THE DONALD "Jeb Bush went on the offensive Tuesday against GOP presidential front-runner and frequent antagonist Donald Trump, releasing an attack video portraying the mogul as a closet liberal and signaling that he will attempt to bring Trump down in coming weeks." The move is a Catch-22: Attack Trump, and potentially add more of a spark to his dominant campaign. Don't attack him, and let him continue to ravage the GOP's chances with independents in the general election. [WaPo]

CLINTON EMAILS CONFIRM SHE WROTE AND SENT NOW-CLASSIFIED INFORMATION "While she was secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote and sent at least six e-mails using her private server that contained what government officials now say is classified information, according to thousands of e-mails released by the State Department." [WaPo]

OBAMA ONE VOTE AWAY FROM IRAN DEAL The president needs one more senator to come out for the Iran deal to seal his veto on a resolution of disapproval. [Laura Barron-Lopez, HuffPost]

UBER'S WORST NIGHTMARE COMING TRUE "Uber drivers are entitled to class action status in litigation over whether they are independent contractors or employees, a key development in a case threatening Uber's business model and that of other hot startups dependent on similar service workers." And here's the updated yellow taxi cab NYC is rolling out to compete with Uber. [Reuters]

INSIDE THE SECRET U.S. SYRIAN AIRSTRIKES AGAINST ISIS LEADERS "The CIA and U.S. Special Operations forces have launched a secret campaign to hunt terrorism suspects in Syria as part of a targeted killing program that is run separately from the broader U.S. military offensive against the Islamic State, U.S. officials said." [WaPo]

MILLIONS AFFECTED BY U.S. HACK DON'T KNOW THEIR INFORMATION IS COMPROMISED YET The Department of Defense will get around to notifying all of the 21.5 million people whose information is compromised sometime this month. [Reuters]

CNN REVISES GOP DEBATE CRITERIA The changes likely mean candidate Carly Fiorina will make the next top-tier debate on Sept. 16. [Sam Levine, HuffPost]

LA TAKES OVER RACE FOR OLYMPIC BID If successful, the city would be the only one besides London to host the Olympic Games three times. [AP]


BEHIND GOOGLE'S REDESIGN We all hate it now, but will probably not notice it in two weeks. Here's Google's explanation for the change. [Fast Company]

ALL YOUR DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE All-day McDonald's breakfast begins in just 33 days. [HuffPost]

TURNS OUT SONY TONED DOWN 'CONCUSSION' FOR FEAR OF NFL BACKLASH Is nothing safe? Can even movies not escape the influence of the NFL? [NYT]

YOUR COMMUTE JUST GOT SO MUCH BETTER You can now watch Amazon Prime offline on your mobile device. [Vulture]

STOP THE PRESSES Marijuana-infused wine is a thing. [Vinepair]

MEET KERMIT THE FROG'S NEW LOVE INTEREST Even though we will always be Team Miss Piggy. [HuffPost]

WE FEEL SO, SO, SO OLD Upon knowing that James Potter is starting Hogwarts this year. [HuffPost]

THE PROBLEM WITH GOOGLE'S DRIVERLESS CARS? ALL OF US Turns out a car that follows the letter of the law to a T has a bit of a problem in a world where the rest of us cut a few corners. [NYT]

MIDLIFE OBESITY COULD ACCELERATE ALZHEIMER'S "One more reason to watch the waistline: New research says people's weight in middle age may influence not just whether they go on to develop Alzheimer's disease, but when. Obesity in midlife has long been suspected of increasing the risk of Alzheimer's. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health took a closer look and reported Tuesday that being overweight or obese at age 50 may affect the age, years later, when Alzheimer's strikes. Among those who eventually got sick, more midlife pounds meant an earlier onset of disease." [AP]

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TAKE A LOOK AT THE U.S.'S LARGEST SOLAR INVESTMENT "The U.S. government just made its largest renewable energy purchase to date. The U.S. Navy has invested an undisclosed amount in the Mesquite solar farm in sun-rich Arizona, allowing for an expansion of the facility that is anticipated to make it the world’s largest solar farm." [HuffPost]


CELEBRATE THE 'TOO YOUNG' "But, I do wish for my ignorance of children never dying. This past year I have watched family friends raise my 9-year-old as he developed severe anxiety because our one night stay in the hospital turned to 195." [HuffPost]


~ The manhunt continues in Chicago for the three suspects who killed a police officer.

~ Turns out some people like Obama's policies, if they think they're Donald Trump's.

~ Oscar bait: Eddie Redmayne in this trailer for "The Danish Girl."

~ CBS is making a show based on Gloria Allred's life.

~ Behind all the talk of a Silicon Valley bubble.

~ Over 225,000 Apple iPhone accounts have been hacked.

~ In this week's "Here To Make Friends" podcast, everyone's poor choices on "Bachelor in Paradise" get blamed on hotness.

~ This guy has been camping out for weeks for a chance to try out for the LA Dodgers.

~ We're all about Sandra Bullock's hot new love interest.

~ Rolling Stone's look into the NFL locker room.

~ Daniel Craig called out his character James Bond as sexist.

~ Wandering through the world's largest yard sale.

~ Since you don't have five years to wait for this corpse flower to boom, here's a time-lapse video.

~ When you give 100 homeless people disposable cameras.

~ Learning how to ride a bike … in school.

~ Because it's hump day, here's a golden retriever puppy splashing around.

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