Friday's Morning Email: Putting A Face To The Migrant Crisis

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PUTTING A FACE TO THE MIGRANT CRISIS "Arresting images of desperation on the West’s doorstep have brought Syria, for the moment, back to worldwide attention: refugees cramming into train stations and climbing border fences; drowned Syrian toddlers washing up on beaches, a girl in polka dots, a boy in tiny shoes." Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to take thousands of Syrian refugees. And throughout Europe, the migrant smuggling business is now worth billions. [NYT]

THE HUFFINGTON POST'S EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JOHN KERRY Sam Stein sits down with the secretary of state, who weighs in on Iran, the Clinton emails, Syria, the refugee crisis and more. [Sam Stein, HuffPost]

CHINESE SHIPS PASSED THROUGH U.S. WATERS "Chinese navy ships off the coast of Alaska in recent days weren’t just operating in the area for the first time: They also came within 12 nautical miles of the U.S. coast, making a rare foray into U.S. territorial waters, according to the Pentagon. Pentagon officials said for the first time late Thursday that the five Chinese navy ships had passed through U.S. territorial waters as they transited the Aleutian Islands, but said they had complied with international law. Analysts saw the passage as significant as Beijing has long objected to U.S. Navy vessels transiting its territorial waters or operating in international waters just outside." [WSJ]

JOE BIDEN: NOT SURE I HAVE 'EMOTIONAL ENERGY' TO RUN The vice president spoke publicly about how unsure he was about launching a 2016 bid. [Reuters]

PUTIN AND XI HAVING SOME FRIENDSHIP PROBLEMS All those economic issues are getting in the way of their superpower bromance. [NYT]

FORGET THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION And take a look at the 2016 battle for the Senate. [WSJ]


IS THIS THE END OF ROGER GOODELL? Will Tom Brady's win in court yesterday dethrone the NFL commissioner? And read the best legal burns from the verdict. [WaPo]

HOW STEPHEN COLBERT MAY SAVE CBS Just imagine his coverage of the presidential race from the "Late Show" chair. [Variety]

EVEN MILLENNIALS DON'T THINK THEY’RE MILLENNIALS Blame the constant hate think pieces. [WaPo]

P-PHUBBING IS RUINING EVERYTHING P-phubbing, the act of checking your phone while talking to your partner, is a killer of sanity everywhere. [Gizmodo]

COLIN FARRELL'S 'THE LOBSTER' SEEMS A BIT ON THE NOSE A film where people get turned into animals in 45 days if they don't find a mate officially terrifies us. [HuffPost]


FINDING RICE IN THE SWAMPS OF AUSTRALIA "In recent decades, an increasing number of geneticists and plant breeders have realized that crops’ wild relatives hold immense value because they have not been domesticated. Instead of being narrowed and homogenized by humans, these crops have produced immeasurable genetic diversity as a result of their natural adaptation to pests, diseases, and climatic fluctuation. Their genes have already begun to help agriculture tackle the enormous challenges it faces today." [The California Sunday Magazine]

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TELLING THE UNTOLD STORY "The Peoria Journal Star, one of Illinois' most-read daily newspapers, knew it had a problem -- one familiar to many news organizations struggling with smaller staffs saddled with larger workloads. The city’s South Side is home to 16,000 people who usually didn’t made it into the paper’s pages unless they were involved with a crime. The neighborhood certainly has its struggles -- it is home to one of the nation’s 100 poorest zip codes -- but many other positive stories were going untold." [HuffPost]


'THEY CALL YOU A REFUGEE. I CALL YOU GRANDPA' "The first time I met a refugee was the day I was born. She was my mother. My parents were fleeing the Iranian regime. They had already been on the run for three years inside of Iran, changing places every two months. They were political activists and both had been sentenced to death. My dad twice." [HuffPost]


~ Tracing a drug's destruction of a Harlem city block.

~ Why did 60,000 antelopes die in four days?

~ Burning Man, as it deserves to be seen -- through 'grams.

~ Looseleaf nails? Too cute for back-to-school.

~ Taking a deep dive into Hawaii's deep-sea ecosystems.

~ Yes, Travis Barker's kids are more punk than you'll ever be.

~ What happened to the car culture in America?

~ This woman surfed in heels and a dress. We can't walk down the street without tripping, but it's fine.

~ History nerds, get excited: Showtime is making a Teddy Roosevelt series.

~ President Barack Obama after a salmon spawned on him: "He was happy to see me."

~ The social media president is back: Read Obama's Facebook comment on a photo from the Humans of New York series.

~ The ad campaign called "Chubby Chipotle" has arrived.

~ The future is here, and it is ice cream that doesn't melt. All of our childhood memories are struggling to process this news.

~ The rise of the "sadcom."

~ And could Donald Trump be the Tom Brady of 2016?

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