Tuesday's Morning Email: The Year for Climate Change

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A SUNNIER TALE FOR GLOBAL WARMING "But guess what everyone’s been missing in the middle of their keening for the dear, soon-to-be-departed Earth? There is good news. And not just incremental good news but transformational good news, developments that have the potential to mitigate the worst effects of climate change to a degree many had feared impossible. Those who have consigned the world to its doom should reconsider." [New York Magazine]

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INSIDE THE REFUGEE WAVE As the migrant and refugee crisis in Europe continues, many from Iraq and other war-torn countries are following the lead of Syrians who are heading to Europe. Yet the sheer numbers are outpacing Europe's ability to house or properly handle the newcomers. Hear from six Syrians who are making the perilous journey. And Britain's prime minister announced the country could house 20,000 Syrian migrants … over five years. [WSJ]

BEHIND TECH COMPANIES’ FIGHT WITH THE GOVERNMENT "The conflicts with Apple and Microsoft reflect heightened corporate resistance, in the post-Edward J. Snowden era, by American technology companies intent on demonstrating that they are trying to protect customer information." [NYT]

KENTUCKY CLERK APPEALS TO GOVERNOR TO ALLOW HER TO DENY MARRIAGE LICENSES Kim Davis has cited her religious convictions in asking for an exemption from the governor's mandate regarding marriage licenses. [Reuters]

JOE BIDEN CIRCLING PRESIDENTIAL RACE The vice president continues to toy with running after a Labor Day rally filled with chants of "Run, Joe, Run." [Reuters]

POPE FRANCIS TO RELEASE NEW ANNULMENT GUIDELINES The new path to annulment will be more "streamlined." And The Washington Post takes a look at the "conservative dissent brewing in the Vatican." But more importantly, selfie sticks are banned for the Pope's U.S. visit. [AP]

YOU CAN VERIFY A MASTERCARD PURCHASE WITH A SELFIE Starting today as part of a Mastercard testing period. Why bother to pretend civilization is intact? [USA Today]

WHAT WE'D ASK THE GOP CANDIDATES In the next debate. So many questions, so little time. [Howard Fineman, Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]


COLBERT TAKES THE BIG STAGE TONIGHT Let the late night wars begin anew. [USA Today]

GET EXCITED FOR THE SAM SMITH BOND SONG The incredible crooner teased his involvement in "Spectre" on social media yesterday. [HuffPost]

SPOTTING A LIAR "Use open questions. This forces the liar to expand on their tale until they become entrapped in their own web of deceit. … Employ the element of surprise." [BBC]

THE 12 NEW TV SHOWS WORTH A WATCH Who needs productivity? [HuffPost]

2015, SECOND-BIGGEST SUMMER FOR THE MOVIES The studios are still rolling in the dough -- or at least, all the studios that were involved with films featuring superheros or dinosaurs. [Variety]

WHY YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR WHITE For those of you out there like us, who just want to know WHY Labor Day is the official end to white. Yes, it's okay to never have grown out of constantly asking why. [Digg]

INSIDE THE UBER E-COMMERCE PROGRAM Uber continues to attempt world domination. [Re/code]

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THE APP CONNECTING MISSING REFUGEES WITH THEIR FAMILIES "Launched in 2008 by Danish brothers David and Christopher Mikkelsen, Refunite is a free family-locating platform that maintains an anonymous database of more than 405,000 users." [HuffPost]


NAME THE LAST TIME A MALE CEO HAD TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT HIS NEWBORN "It seems just one question was on everyone's lips: Is Marissa Mayer setting a bad example by not taking more than a couple weeks of time off? We all should reject this premise. The truth of the matter is that Marissa Mayer has the resources and workplace flexibility to make the choice that's best for her, whether that's taking two weeks, the 16 weeks that Yahoo offers, or more off of work." [HuffPost]


~ The era of the "monster" iPad may be upon us.

~ Frankie Muniz wants a steady paycheck "Malcom in the Middle" reboot.

~ Yes, you want to read the Hamptons police blotter and feel smug.

~ The Beats Serena Williams ad should make you feel a bit guilty about hitting snooze this morning.

~ Parents, make sure your kids don't have the secret photo-hiding app, Calculator%, on their smartphones.

~ This couple's baby was switched with another in an alleged baby trafficking scheme in El Salvador.

~ What you need in your bar cart, besides Hendrick’s, because of course.

~ Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have called it quits after 18 years.

~ Katy Perry is all of us falling off of this Segway at Burning Man. Oh wait…

~ A prehistoric monument has been discovered near Stonehenge.

~ Note to infamous drug lords’ offspring everywhere: Please keep sharing geo-tagged photos of your escaped fathers.

~ The hunter who killed Cecil the lion is set to return to work today.

~ Yeah, maybe not the best idea to make a 50-yard-wide offensive gesture in the middle of the halftime show, Kansas State Marching Band.

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