Wednesday's Morning Email: EU Announces Migrant Quotas

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EU ANNOUNCES MIGRANT QUOTAS "The quotas will be based on a number of factors, including each country's population and GDP. In total, states will take in 120,000 more people, on top of the 40,000 that have already been agreed on." As EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said, "Winter is coming. Do we really want people sleeping in train stations?" And this map explains why some countries love refugees, while others turn them away in droves. [Alana Horowitz, HuffPost]

STEPHEN COLBERT TAKES OVER LATE NIGHT Colbert pulled out all the stops in his "Late Show" debut last night, which featured guest appearances by Jon Stewart, George Clooney and Jeb Bush. [Bill Bradley]

UNITED AIRLINES CEO STEPS DOWN AMID FEDERAL INVESTIGATION "United Airlines abruptly replaced its CEO as a federal investigation continued into whether the airline gave preferential treatment to the former chairman of the agency that operates the New York-area airports. United Continental Holdings Inc. said Tuesday that Jeffery Smisek and two other senior executives had stepped down." [AP]

INSIDE APPLE'S EVENT TODAY Expect the unveiling of an iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, as well as a larger iPad and revamped Apple TV. [AP]

THE KNOW-NOTHING CANDIDATES "The 2016 campaign, especially on the GOP side, is setting a modern record for vacuity and even pride in ignorance about government. The widespread lack of civic education, the failure of media interest and growing public cynicism have made not knowing any details a perverse qualification for the highest office." [Howard Fineman, HuffPost]

QUEEN ELIZABETH: BRITAIN'S LONGEST-REIGNING MONARCH Check out a photo from every year of her 63-year reign. Long live the queen. [Reuters]



INSIDE ESPN'S MASSIVE TAKEDOWN OF THE NFL AND THE PATRIOTS If you haven't read the full ESPN feature, you should. If you don't have 20 minutes, here are the most absurd tidbits from the killer investigation. Spygate: never forget. [ESPN]

SERENA DEFEATS VENUS IN U.S. OPEN QUARTERFINALS Nothing like a little sibling rivalry. [HuffPost]

IF YOU'RE AN ACTRESS, HEAD TO SITCOM LAND Sofia Vergara and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting topped the list of the highest-paid TV actresses, pulling in $28.5 million apiece in the past year. [HuffPost]

THE POTENTIAL SUPER BOWL HALFTIME TREASURE Sing it with us people: Uptown funk you up, Uptown funk you up … [HuffPost]

DID YOU KNOW JUSTIN BIEBER NEVER HAD A NO. 1 HIT UNTIL THIS WEEK? What do you mean? (Yes, you see what we did there.) [Vulture]

VANITY FAIR'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT LIST From media to politics, check out the who's who for 2015. [Vanity Fair]

MEET THE AURORA HUNTERS "'Actually seeing them, it’s just amazing,' says MacDonald. 'They shimmer, they move, your jaw drops and you’re just staring at the sky thinking "Oh, my God."'" [Atlas Obscura]

TO SELFIE STICK DRIVERS EVERYWHERE Note to you all: Maybe focus on the road instead of your selfie stick. [HuffPost]

WANT TO HAVE NIGHTMARES AS A PARENT? Here's a test to see if your baby could be a psychopath. [HuffPost]

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THE COMPANY EMPLOYING FORMER INMATES AND MAKING A PROFIT ALONG THE WAY "Memory Foam Liquidators, a company that sells wholesale memory foam products, hires former inmates no matter what their records reveal, WBIW reported. And, in the process, it’s showing other businesses how employing ex-convicts can be profitable for everyone involved." [HuffPost]


TALKING TO THE SLEEP DOCTOR "I call this situation Wired and Tired, and it is usually due to stress and anxiety. People tend to forget that sleep is not an on/off switch. It is more like slowly pulling your foot off the gas and slowly putting it on the brake." [HuffPost]


~ Brad Anderson, the author of "Marmaduke," has died. He was 91.

~ Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says he may be permanently blind in his right eye.

~ All 172 passengers and crew onboard a British Airways flight were able to escape after it caught fire.

~ Inside the fully automated quinoa restaurant that doesn't need any servers or workers behind the counter.

~ The crew from "Here to Make Friends" breaks down this summer's "Bachelor in Paradise."

~ Of course Kylie Jenner's Tyler Richardson shoot is this revealing. A reminder folks -- she just turned 18.

~ All the confirmation you need that Blue Ivy will be a music megastar.

~ Life goals: Become this elderly couple at the airport.

~ The history of Flash.

~ Of course we're obsessed with Maisie Williams’ YouTube channel.

~ How often you should upgrade your smartphone.

~ We love this little girl rocking a fairy princess outfit and skateboarding.

~ The perfect sneaker search machine.

~ Christopher Nolan fans, rejoice: He's got a new film coming in 2017.

~ How the NYPD thwarted a plan to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge.

~ Selena Gomez posed nude to promote her new album.

~ And because it's hump day, here's a dolphin out of Lisa Frank's dreams.

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