Monday's Morning Email: Germany To Take In 1 Million Refugees

Monday's Morning Email: Germany To Take In 1 Million Refugees

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"Germany's vice chancellor says the country can expect 1 million migrants this year, raising the previous estimate by 200,000." Even with the revision, the country plans to close the Austrian border to stanch the flow. European leaders are meeting today for an emergency session to address the escalating crisis. With recent crackdowns at the Turkish border, it's getting harder to escape Syria. And here's the most important thing refugees can carry: a smartphone. [AP]

Despite express U.S. objections and attempts to thwart the supply, Russia is sending shipments heading to an "airfield south of Latakia, Syria, which could become the most significant new Russian military foothold in the Middle East in decades." [NYT]

"A 16-person commission tasked with examining racial inequality in the St. Louis area in the wake of Michael Brown's death found sweeping examples of institutionalized racism, according to a report released on Monday." You can read the whole report here. [Alana Horowitz, HuffPost]

What the presidential candidate needs to do to capitalize on his momentum. [Marina Fang, HuffPost]

Yes, winner Betty Cantrell, Miss Georgia, did wear a crop top dress in the formal competition. Check out Miss Colorado's powerful monologue on being a nurse, which is taking the Internet by storm. And here's how much body ideals have changed since the beginning of the pageant in 1922. [AP]

The Wall Street Journal chronicles the downfall of the star trader accused of manipulating of Libor, the London interbank offered rate. [WSJ]

Novak Djokovic, who was previously 1 for 4 in U.S. Open title matches, dropped Federer in four sets. [AP]

The attack on a jail in the Ghazni province allegedly freed over 350 inmates. [AP]

How the 2016 candidates have decided to deal with Donald Trump. [Howard Fineman, Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]


"I’m about a size 10. I don’t go on many auditions, but when I do, the roles I go for are described as 'underdog,' 'chubby,' and — my favorite — “not aspirational looking.' I recently did a Listerine audition where a leafblower was blown into my mouth from 10 inches away as I shouted the phrase 'I’m a trainwreck!' over and over again, while the older white male 'boss type' I was playing opposite reacted in horror." [Vulture]

Basically killing them in the fashion world. [NYT]

Experts discovered the current recommendation of 140 mm Hg should be reduced to 120 mm Hg in order to significantly reduce the rates of heart attack, heart failure and stroke. [HuffPost]

Got to love that chicken from the sea. [HuffPost]

Clooney handed Bullock a role originally written for him in the upcoming "Our Brand Is Crisis." [HuffPost]

Most California blazes are literally in Silicon Valley's backyard. [TechCrunch]

It's strangely therapeutic. [Paint With Donald Trump]

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"Eight years since a blockade was imposed on the Gaza Strip, hospitals in the Palestinian territory have faced shortages of basic medical supplies and international donors have not followed through on their pledges to help -- so a 34-year-old doctor is devising a solution from within. Tarek Loubani, a Canadian doctor of Palestinian descent, has created an innovative stethoscope that can be 3-D printed for $2.50, a fraction of the cost of traditional equipment, according to the Associated Press."[HuffPost]


"You don't have mushy, cuddly, loving feelings towards your child. In fact, a big part of you is wondering if maybe this whole thing was a colossal mistake. And you're starting to wonder if something is very, very wrong with you." [HuffPost]


~ Pure genius: This app plays Nickelback if you try to call your ex.

~ Have faith, "Game of Thrones" fans: Winter is coming.

~ Kate Middleton got a haircut!

~ Three types of people you meet in bars.

~ The American fruit no one remembers.

~ Of course Amy Schumer drunk-ate a cake meant for Jake Gyllenhal.

~ Turns out other people's skin is not softer than yours.

~ How cool is it that illustrators can "step into the page" of their drawings with virtual reality?

~ Is this groom levitating or what?

~ Falling in love with letters, from the typography icon Alan Peckolick himself.

~ Saving the Scottish language.

~ And zombie squirrels might be real.

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