Tuesday's Morning Email: Pope Francis Arrives In U.S. Today

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POPE FRANCIS ARRIVES IN U.S. TODAY "The Roman Catholic Church that Pope Francis will encounter on his first visit to the United States is being buffeted by immense change, and it is struggling -- with integrating a new generation of immigrants, with conflicts over buildings and resources, with recruiting priests and with retaining congregants. The denomination is still the largest in the United States, but its power base is shifting." Take a look at how the Secret Service plans to protect someone who is less than inclined to stay in his Popemobile. Here's how much his visit is costing the U.S., and you are officially allowed to blame him for slow package delivery speeds in the next few days. [NYT]

SCOTT WALKER DROPS OUT OF THE RACE The once-prominent GOP contender suspended his campaign indefinitely Monday amid polling and fundraising woes, and called for other candidates to do the same. Other campaigns were quick to court his donors, and a former top aide explained how his campaign went south so fast. [Marina Fang and Igor Bobic, HuffPost]

CHINESE PRESIDENT GIVES INTERVIEW "Chinese President Xi Jinping defended his government’s economic stewardship and said that China’s slowing growth and market fluctuations won’t deter needed reforms. In his first interview with foreign media since Chinese stocks skidded this summer, Mr. Xi told The Wall Street Journal that this summer’s government intervention to arrest the plunge was necessary to 'defuse systemic risks.'” [WSJ]

ISIS DEFECTORS LAY OUT THEIR REASONS FOR QUITTING Disillusionment, corruption and mass killings were a few of the popular reasons for leaving the extremist group. [Nick Robins-Early, HuffPost]

SENATE DEMOCRATS TO PROPOSE CLIMATE CHANGE BILL "Senate Democratic leaders on Tuesday plan to unveil a measure intended to signal their full-throated support of President Obama’s aggressive climate change agenda to 2016 voters and to the rest of the world. The Democrats hope that the bill, sponsored by Senator Maria Cantwell, of Washington, the top Democrat on the Senate Energy Committee, will demonstrate a new unity for the party on energy and climate change, and define Democrats’ approach to global warming policy in the coming years." [NYT]

GUESS WHO'S BACK Back again. Brian Williams is back. Tell a friend. [Deadline]

PEANUT EXECUTIVE SENTENCED TO 28 YEARS "An ex-peanut company mogul may spend the rest of his life behind bars after a federal judge in Georgia on Monday sentenced him to 28 years for shipping tainted products that caused a deadly nationwide salmonella outbreak seven years ago." [Kim Bellware, HuffPost]


THE STATE OF THE OSCAR RACE It's never too early to be talking about that little golden statue. Our money is on Brie Larson in "Room." [HuffPost]

MAISIE WILLIAMS IS TRYING TO THROW US OFF THE SCENT Don't crush our dreams Arya Stark, don't crush our dreams. [Vulture]

NAH, DONALD TRUMP A Twitter Q&A is not your best idea. [HuffPost]

THE BEAUTY OF ANNOTATION IN LITERATURE Yes, the footnotes are worth a read. [New Republic]


WHY YOU SHOULDN'T THROW BACON GREASE DOWN THE DRAIN You know you're not supposed to, but hey, we all get lazy. This photo is why you really shouldn't. [HuffPost]

EMMYS AFTERMATH A look at the best afterparties and why ratings were the worst of all time. [Variety]

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HOW CALIFORNIA IS HELPING LOW-INCOME STUDENTS SUCCEED "David Leonhardt points out that six of the top seven schools ranked in the paper’s second annual College Access Index are University of California campuses. The rankings are based on three key factors -- share of students receiving Pell grants, those students’ graduation rates and the annual cost of tuition, fees and housing combined for low- and middle-income students." [HuffPost]


PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL: REFUGEES AND HOPE "Even at a time when we strive to overcome our own difficulties, Brazil welcomes with open arms all refugees who wish to live and work in the country. The refugee crisis in the Middle East and North Africa -- which reached dramatic proportions over the last few days -- has been dragging on for more than four years, especially with the onset of civil war in Syria and the military intervention in Libya." [HuffPost]


~ In case you missed it yesterday, all hail pizza rat.

~ The Justice Department is helping buy 21,000 police cameras for police forces across the country.

~ The "tree of life" connecting over 2.3 million "earthlings."

~ Sometimes, when you order Dominos, they deliver $1,300 in cash instead of chicken wings. Dear delivery guy: Next time you make that mistake, head to our office.

~ Where top freelance creative talent "would kill" to work.

~ The gif that will last 1,000 years.

~ Legendary "Lord of the Dance" Michael Flatley is set to retire.

~ ICYMI, we are very, very jealous of Norway's new passport design.

~ Of course Mr. Carson from "Downton Abbey" thought Kate Middleton spent too long on set -- it doesn't make sense for a royal to be downstairs!

~ When late-night show hosts impersonate each other, you're bound to get some laughs.

~ The man you can thank for saving the bourbon industry.

~ Yes, Kanye West wants "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" to be shot like Kubrick. We also wish our lives looked like the pages of Vogue, but hey.

~ And find out the smoking guns in the latest chapter in Steven Brill's Johnson & Johnson expose.

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