Friday's Morning Email: China to Announce Major Cap-in-Trade Deal

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CHINA TO ANNOUNCE MAJOR CAP-AND-TRADE PACT "China will announce Friday that it will launch a national carbon emissions trading market in 2017 as part of a joint climate change statement with the United States meant to boost prospects for a global climate pact, U.S. officials said." The announcement came after Pope Francis had called on Congress to do more to address climate change. And Chinese President Xi Jinping's official arrival in D.C. includes much fanfare, but "little warmth," after the hacking scandal. [Reuters]

WATCH THE POPE'S ADDRESS TO CONGRESS Take a look at the pope's address to Congress, which moved many to tears. And of course the pope skipped lunch with politicians to serve the homeless. The pope is set to address the United Nations today. [Mollie Reilly, HuffPost]

OBAMA AND PUTIN TO MEET At the Russian president's request, the two will meet at the U.N. to talk about Ukraine and Syria. [Reuters]

GLOBAL MARKETS JUMP AFTER YELLEN SPEECH "Global stock markets climbed Friday after Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen eased investors’ concerns that last week’s decision to keep rates near zero had put off a rate rise for the foreseeable future." [WSJ]

HOW MEXICAN HEROIN TRAFFICKING IS CHANGING THE FACE OF DRUGS IN AMERICA "A sophisticated farm-to-arm supply chain is fueling America’s surging heroin appetite, causing heroin to surpass cocaine and meth to become the nation’s No. 1 drug threat for the first time. As demand has grown, the flow of heroin -- a once-taboo drug now easier to score in some cities than crack or pot -- has changed, too." [WaPo]

DEATH TOLL RISES TO 717 IN MECCA STAMPEDE And at least 863 were injured. Here's why crowds sometimes panic in stampede situations, as well as a detailed map of the stampede. [Reuters]

THE PROS AND CONS OF PREDICTIVE POLICING "The strategy, known as predictive policing, combines elements of traditional policing, like increased attention to crime 'hot spots' and close monitoring of recent parolees. But it often also uses other data, including information about friendships, social media activity and drug use, to identify 'hot people' and aid the authorities in forecasting crime." [NYT]


HOW TO FIX THE HACK THE iOS 9 UPDATE EXPOSES YOUR iPHONE TO Nobody wants to be hacked. [HuffPost]

HOW MUCH OF YOUR TRAFFIC IS REAL? Inside the vast world of click fraud. [Bloomberg]

HAVE A PET? HE OR SHE NEEDS AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT Otherwise your pet doesn't exist. [Racked]

YEEZY IS DEFINITELY RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT And defends the art of the sweatshirt in this gem of a Vanity Fair interview. Do you think he and Kim go home, replay interviews they gave, and laugh at the American public for caring? [Vanity Fair]

KENAN AND KEL ARE WORKING TOGETHER AGAIN! Aw, here it goes -- all the '90s feels. [HuffPost]

JILL AND JESSA DUGGAR TO FILM TLC SPECIALS The special programming will not feature their brother, Josh Duggar, who apologized for molesting his sisters and using the Ashley Madison website earlier this year. [HuffPost]

PLUTO IS COVERED IN SNAKESKIN Or something that looks a lot like it. [HuffPost]

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MAYORS TO OBAMA: WE WILL TAKE MORE REFUGEES "New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and 15 other cities are ready and willing to take in even more refugees than the Obama administration has proposed, mayors wrote in a letter to the president on Thursday." [HuffPost]


TRAVELING SOLO DESTROYS YOUR DATING LIFE "After breaking up and traveling mostly solo to three continents in three weeks, year-ago me learned a lot. For starters, I learned that there is this massive thing called a planet that is filled with millions of people, and many of them aren't assholes! In fact, I'm pretty sure I thought I was in love twice while abroad, which made me realize that you never know where in the world your actual soulmate is." [HuffPost]


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