Friday's Morning Email: McCarthy's Withdrawal from Speaker Race Leaves GOP in Chaos

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MCCARTHY'S WITHDRAWAL THROWS GOP INTO CHAOS "House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) sparked shock, tears and chaos in the GOP Thursday by declaring he was withdrawing his name from the election to replace House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), just moments before the party was supposed to vote." McCarthy told The Wall Street Journal he had decided not to run because he wasn't sure he'd have the votes he needed, but the last-minute change of heart still caused some conservative activists to speculate about controversial affair allegations. And here's why Paul Ryan is adamant about not running for the job, despite building pressure. [Michael McAuliff, Sam Levine and Ryan Grim, HuffPost]

TUNISIAN NATIONAL DIALOGUE QUARTET TAKES HOME NOBEL PEACE PRIZE The group won the honor for its "decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia." And take a look at the Nobel Peace Prize winners through the years. [Jade Walker]

ONE DEAD, THREE INJURED IN SHOOTING AT NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY Officials say the shooter is in custody. [Alana Horowitz Satlin]

THAT TIME RUSSIA REPORTEDLY SHOT MISSILES AT SYRIA AND THEY LANDED IN IRAN Always good to accidentally launch missiles at another country. [Daniel Marans, HuffPost]

40 PERCENT OF AMERICANS KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN SHOT "Forty-seven percent of black Americans say they know someone who was fatally shot by another person, and 19 percent have lost a family member. In comparison, just 18 percent of white Americans said they know a victim of gun violence, and just 3 percent have lost someone in their family." [Ariel Edwards-Levy]

'THE LIFE AND DEATH GAMBLE OF ATTENDING A WEDDING IN YEMEN' "The wedding was almost over. Three brothers waited at their father's house, as is tradition in Yemen, for their new brides to arrive. Then, according to relatives of the victims, the bombs fell." [Charlotte Alfred, HuffPost]

CHECK OUT THE MORNING NEWSBRIEF Take a look at HuffPost's newest video offering. [HuffPost]

FACEBOOK ADDS EMOJIS Forget just having the “Like” button: Facebook is rolling out six emojis that allow you to express a variety of feelings over your friends' posts. The feature, called “Reactions,” is being tested in Europe before making its way to the States. [TechCrunch]

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SAY GOODBYE TO $12 MORE A YEAR Netflix just raised the price for its most popular plan by $1 a month. [HuffPost]

AIRFARE IS PRETTY DARN CHEAP RIGHT NOW Book that trip, stat. [HuffPost]

’GAME OF THRONES’ CAST ANOTHER RED PRIESTESS Real talk -- all we want to know is how this affects Jon Snow. [HuffPost]

YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU HATE YOUR PHONE'S DATA PLAN? Data overage charges may be coming to your Internet. [Business Insider]

THE NEXT J. CREW "'I haven't seen a brand grow this fast in a really long time,’ says Brian Sugar, one of Everlane's investors and board members. 'Making a brand like Everlane is like capturing lightning in a bottle.'" [Racked]

MEET THE NEWEST DISNEY PRINCESS Native Hawaiian Auli'i Cravalho will lend her voice to the latest Disney princess installment. [HuffPost]

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STATE DEPARTMENT BELIEVES CLIMATE CHANGE STARTS IN CITIES "The State Department thinks cities are essential to unlocking meaningful climate change commitments and is hosting mayors from around the world on Thursday to demonstrate that." [HuffPost]


GETTING 8 HOURS OF SLEEP "Trust me, it's not a badge of honor to brag that you can get by on 4 hours or 5 each night. I've heard that statement too many times." [HuffPost]


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