Tuesday's Morning Email: The Budget Deal That Will Avert A Shutdown

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CONGRESS NEARS DEAL TO AVOID GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN "Just before midnight on Monday, congressional lawmakers and the White House tentatively agreed on a major budget deal that would end such standoffs in the Obama presidency and solve a potentially catastrophic debt default coming within days. Several aides said that, absent last-minute drama, it could be voted on by the House as early as Wednesday and by the Senate a day later." Take a look at the details of the deal. [Sam Stein and Arthur Delaney, HuffPost]

U.S. SHIP SAILS INTO DISPUTED WATERS China has said it warned the U.S. ship, which came within 12 miles of an artificial island built by China in the South China Sea. The U.S. has said it was asserting its "freedom of navigation." Some analysts are calling this a "pivotal moment" for U.S.-China relations. [Reuters]

OBAMA MULLS TROOP MOVEMENT IN IRAQ AND SYRIA If he does put troops closer to the front lines in both countries, it "would represent a significant escalation of the American role in Iraq and Syria." [WaPo]

THE 'WOMEN OF WAR' HuffPost's newest video series will take you beyond the battlefield with journalist Khazar Fatemi. [Ryan Grim, HuffPost]

WHITE HOUSE DISAGREES WITH FBI DIRECTOR ON SOURCE OF CRIME WAVE "The White House on Monday slammed FBI Director James Comey's notion that pervasive cellphone footage featuring police actions has led to an uptick in violent crime." [Nick Visser, HuffPost]

BY 2100, IT MAY BE TOO HOT TO LIVE IN THE PERSIAN GULF Projections have the heat index, which is a combination of heat and humidity, hitting 165 to 170 degrees a day for at least six hours. [AP]

OBAMA AND YEMEN: IS HE TRYING TO GET OUT? "Over the past six months, the Obama administration has quietly embroiled the U.S. in a Middle Eastern war that has left more than 20 million people in need of humanitarian aid and killed at least 5,000. U.S.-backed Sunni Arab nations, led by Saudi Arabia, have bombed weddings, left families to starve and looked the other way as an al Qaeda affiliate has used the confusion to seize significant territory. Civilian casualties are growing daily." [Akbar Shahid Ahmed, HuffPost]

WATCHING GREENLAND MELT AWAY As the ice sheet melts, scientists are examining whether it is contributing to rising sea levels. [NYT]

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STUDY: ONE IN 14 KIDS HAS AN INCARCERATED PARENT "One in 14 children have at least one parent behind bars and children in these situations suffer from low self esteem, poor mental and physical health, and other problems, a national research organization says." [USA Today]

INSIDE THE FOUR 'GILMORE GIRLS' EPISODES Looks like we'll be covering an entire year in Stars Hollow in present day. Who will Rory be? Will Lorelai and Luke already be hitched?!?! [HuffPost]

THE SELFIE STICK MARKET IS INSANE It might be more cutthroat than social media itself. #allthephotofun [Wired]

BEHIND THE NEW CANCER WARNING FOR RED MEAT "Specifically, the researchers found evidence that eating a 50-gram portion of processed meat daily (about one hot dog) can increase a person's relative risk of colorectal cancer by 18 percent. Since a person's lifetime risk of colorectal cancer is about five percent, daily meat consumption seems to boost that absolute risk by one point to 6 percent (or 18 percent of the 5 percent lifetime risk)." [Vox]

PREPARE FOR THE ONSLAUGHT OF MORE FACEBOOK NOTIFICATIONS Big blue brother knows everything, after all. [HuffPost]

WAIT, COULD CHRISTIAN BALE BE BATMAN STILL? And is Ben Affleck possibly another character named Deathstroke? [HuffPost]

AND HERE'S A BABY PANDA KINDERGARTEN Truly, it doesn't get cuter. [HuffPost]

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THE NEW YORK SOUP KITCHEN FOR PEOPLE AND THEIR PETS "Collide aims to provide resources that many homeless youth with pets do not have access to, or are denied at shelters or missions because they have an animal. At the ministry, which is one of multiple programs based at Graffiti Church geared toward underserved communities, pets receive basic medical services like vaccinations, spaying/neutering and dog licensing." [HuffPost]


PRESIDENT OBAMA: 'MAKING TESTING SMARTER' "Here's a simple question: If your kids had more free time at school, what would you want them to do with it? If you're like most parents, here's what I suspect you wouldn't want your children to be doing with their extra time in the classroom: Taking more standardized tests. I certainly wouldn't want that for my girls." [HuffPost]


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