Wednesday's Morning Email: Join Us For The GOP Debate

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JOIN US FOR THE GOP DEBATE TONIGHT HuffPost will be covering the debate live as it happens on CNBC and then livestreaming commentary afterward. And as the candidates gear up for the big stage tonight, there's already been greenroom drama and shots taken. [Jason Linkins and Zach Carter, HuffPost]

INSIDE THE BLOCKBUSTER BUDGET DEAL Many on the right feel left out of the negotiating process that led to the deal, including likely incoming House Speaker Paul Ryan. And here's what makes this deal tick. [WSJ]

AMERICAN KIDS' TEST SCORES TOOK A DIVE "Student achievement" in math and reading declined from 2013 to 2015, according to the National Assessment of Education Progress. Here's what the drop means. [Rebecca Klein, HuffPost]

'SORRY, YOU CAN'T SLEEP SIX HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT' "Exaggerating the takeaways of an isolated finding is nothing new; science reporting turns on the revelation of headline-sized takeaways from dense research. In writing up the sleep study [that suggested you only needed six hours of sleep], news outlets honed in on the ostensible guilt of those who don't get eight hours of shuteye." [Krithika Varagur, HuffPost]

APACHE HELICOPTER FORCE PROPOSED FOR IRAQ The squadron of helicopters would be the newest front line in the fight against the Islamic State. [WSJ]

CYBERSECURITY BILL BREEZES THROUGH SENATE "The U.S. Senate easily passed legislation on Tuesday aimed at bolstering the country's cyber defenses, advancing the first serious attempt in Congress to combat computer hacks that have hit a growing number of businesses and government agencies in recent years." [Reuters]

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ROYALS WIN GAME ONE OF THE WORLD SERIES IN 14-INNING THRILLER The game was the longest first World Series game in history. [Reuters]

THE NEW YORK TIMES VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIMENT "On Tuesday, The New York Times announced a partnership with Google Cardboard to introduce a new immersive documentary film. As part of the effort, more than a million little cardboard VR headsets will be packed into the already-chunky NYT Sunday bundle. Another 300,000 or so Times Insider subscribers and long-tenured digital subscribers will get the Google Cardboard viewers, too." [Wired]


LADIES, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE Prince Harry will be making a U.S. visit today -- go check out that glorious Royal beard in person. [USA Today]

'CONFESSIONS OF A GRAND JUROR' "We talked about mental illness and drug addiction, unreliable cops and race. We spent a long time on issues that were important to us but probably didn’t matter for the low standard of proof required for the indictment. I’m normally very stubborn. Here, I was routinely persuaded by my peers." [The Marshall Project]

MEET THE STARTUP THAT'S GOOGLE FOR CONGRESS Inside Quorum and its quiet Washington takeover. [HuffPost]

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PAYING FOR MATERNITY WEAR "Domo, a 5-year-old startup based in Utah with a workforce of 600 employees, came up with something pretty innovative. Every pregnant woman at the company gets $2,000 in gift cards to buy maternity clothes, according to an article by Claire Zillman in Fortune. " [HuffPost]


THE CHEAPEST DAYS TO FLY Winter is coming. [HuffPost]


~ It's splitsville for Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez after two years of marriage.

~ "Walking Dead" fans, there is hope. You know what we're talking about.

~ Bad news bears: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have officially called it quits for good.

~ There are such things as viral zit popping videos. Click at your own risk.

~ Putting a face to men's depression.

~ Kate Middleton continues to crush the fashion game in this floral wonder.

~ The Columbia Journalism Review takes a look at the "transformation of David Brooks."

~ And here's Twitter's first TV ad.

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