Thursday's Morning Email: Rubio Dominates In GOP Debate

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INSIDE THE GOP DEBATE How Marco Rubio stole the show, Jeb Bush got skewered, and the moderators had the worst night of anyone. [Scott Conroy and Sam Stein, HuffPost]

CHINA TO END ONE-CHILD POLICY State media is reporting that couples will be allowed to have two children, ending the policy started in 1980. [Alana Horowitz Satlin, HuffPost]

WITNESSES DISPUTE POLICE ACCOUNTS OF SHOOTING NEAR FERGUSON While police say the victim in question "was not struck by law enforcement gunfire," two witnesses say police shot the man. [Mariah Stewart, Matt Ferner and Sebastian Murdock, HuffPost]

DEUTSCHE BANK ELIMINATING 35,000 JOBS After posting a $6.6 billion loss, the bank is cutting one-quarter of its workforce. [AP]

MEET THE FOUR LAWYERS RESPONSIBLE FOR BIN LADEN'S DEATH "Weeks before President Obama ordered the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in May 2011, four administration lawyers developed rationales intended to overcome any legal obstacles -- and made it all but inevitable that Navy SEALs would kill the fugitive Qaeda leader, not capture him." [NYT]

THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS ACTING CAUTIOUS Here's what that means for your paycheck. [Daniel Marans, HuffPost]

KANSAS CITY ROYALS INCREASE SERIES LEAD TO 2-0 The team thumped the New York Mets in a 7-1 win. [Erick Fernandez, HuffPost]

THE GIANT MILITARY BLIMP FIASCO "The U.S. military has two giant, unmanned surveillance blimps it uses to watch the East Coast from a base in Maryland. And one of them escaped its tethers Wednesday and floated aimlessly over Pennsylvania, downing power lines and cutting off electricity for tens of thousands of residents." [WaPo]

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TUBERCULOSIS NAMED TOP INFECTIOUS KILLER ALONGSIDE HIV/AIDS Even though HIV/AIDS receives four times as much funding as TB. [HuffPost]

DYING GREEN How to save the environment in your passing. [HuffPost]



SLEEP PARALYSIS SOUNDS LIKE THE WORST "My deepest fear came from the realization that my body, in that moment, had become completely dissociated from anything I recognized as myself. It was a car sinking to the bottom of a lake, my mind its captive passenger, waiting to drown." [Vice]

THE FLIP SIDE OF YOUR FEAR Why you shouldn't be afraid of bats, sharks, planes, germs and the like. [HuffPost]

ONE DAY AT A PANDA EXPRESS How much do you think one Panda Express makes in a day? [Eater]

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MEET THE WORLD'S OLDEST DANCE CREW "Started in 2012 as a flash mob, The Hip Op-eration Crew holds the Guinness World Record for oldest dance troupe. Twenty-two members between the ages of 68 and 96 make up the New Zealand-based company, which has performed at the 2013 World Hip Hop Championship in Las Vegas as well as in front of 15,000 people in Taiwan." [HuffPost]


DARK MATTER, THE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE? "Most people mistake their own perspective, shaped by their subjective and limited perception, for the absolute reality of the external world. Questioning this assumption is what advanced our research on dark matter. It is also the only thing that has ever advanced human empathy." [HuffPost]


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