Friday's Morning Email: Christie, Huckabee Cut from Main Debate Stage

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CHRISTIE, HUCKABEE CUT FROM MAIN DEBATE STAGE Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee have failed to make Fox's cut for the main debate Tuesday night and instead will debate at the undercard showing. At least they made the stage: Lindsey Graham, George Pataki and Jim Gilmore won't be allowed to debate at all. [Mollie Reilly, HuffPost]

'WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ISIS'S SINAI AFFILIATE' Inside the terrorist cell that might have pulled off the first successful plane bomb in over a decade. [Charlotte Alfred, HuffPost]

MARS ONCE HAD EARTH-LIKE CONDITIONS "An Earth-like atmosphere on Mars was once violently stripped away by solar wind, according to new findings from NASA's ongoing exploration of the red planet. In a press conference on Thursday, the space agency confirmed that solar wind played a major role in the disappearance of the red planet's atmosphere and water." Is anyone else now terrified of solar winds? [Jacqueline Howard, HuffPost]

HOW THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES TO FAIL ON THE STATE LEVEL This week on "So That Happened," the team looks at the disaster that was election night for the Democratic Party. [Jason Linkins, HuffPost]

NEW YORK LOOKING INTO EXXON MOBIL The state is investigating whether the company "misled the public and investors about the risks of climate change." [WaPo]

'THE LAST KNOWN PLACE ON EARTH WITH EBOLA' "After nearly 22 months and more than 11,300 deaths worldwide, the deadliest Ebola epidemic in history has come down to a handful of cases in a cluster of villages in rural Guinea, the country where the outbreak began." [NYT]

WATCH THE SKIES Fireball season is here. [Ed Mazza, HuffPost]

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OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS HAVE ARRIVED They obviously include a faux-fur vest for your pet, since this is truly about the essentials. [HuffPost]


IN DEFENSE OF THE GOOD GUY Aidan is a better pick than Mr. Big, any day of the week. [Vulture]

FORGET THE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE People are going bananas over the Holiday Spice Flat White. [Brit + Co]

'FITBIT FOR GUNS' "Yardarm’s product is simple: Unlike more expensive, experimental digital smart guns, Yardarm builds wireless sensors that fit in the butt of police firearms. It’s not a smart gun, it’s an add-on that makes guns smarter, and it’s currently deployable." [Buzzfeed]

NO, YOUR CAT DOESN'T WANT TO KILL YOU As the research scientist says, "If they really wanted to kill us, don’t you think it would have happened?" [HuffPost]

STANDING UP MORE, EVEN OCCASIONALLY, DECREASES YOUR RISK OF OBESITY We can all wander around the office a few more times. [HuffPost]

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THE SOLAR LAMPS PROVIDING POWER WHERE THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY "Prashant Mandal shares a flimsy hut with his wife and four kids, subsists on less than $2 a day and recently incurred medical debt of more than $4,000 after his teenage son got sick last year. Yet despite Mandal’s modest earnings, he’s dead set on spending 20 percent of his income on solar energy, an expenditure he says is key to drawing in customers and helping his children to study, he told National Geographic." [HuffPost]




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