Monday's Morning Email: More Troops Could Be Headed To Europe

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MORE TROOPS COULD BE HEADED TO EUROPE "Senior U.S. military leaders have proposed sending more forces into Europe on a rotating basis to build up the American presence and are stepping up training exercises to counter potential Russian interference with troop transfers in the event of a crisis with Moscow." [WSJ]

BLACK MISSOURI FOOTBALL PLAYERS REFUSE TO PLAY UNTIL UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT RESIGNS At least 30 black football players have joined protests on the University of Missouri's campus amid racial tension at the school, and some faculty members are now calling for a walkout. [AP]

PLAN TO CLOSE GUANTANAMO EXPECTED THIS WEEK The Pentagon will release the administration's final attempt to close the prison. However, it would need Congressional approval. [AP]

COULD DEMOCRACY BE COMING TO MYANMAR? "Myanmar's ruling party conceded defeat in the country's general election on Monday, as the opposition led by democracy figurehead Aung San Suu Kyi appeared on course for a landslide victory that would ensure it can form the next government." Here's what you need to understand for Myanmar's election. [Reuters]

INSIDE MARCO RUBIO'S TAX PLAN The policy includes tax cuts three times as large as the Bush tax cuts. [New York Magazine]

OFFICIALS '90 PERCENT SURE' BOMB TO BLAME FOR RUSSIAN PLANE CRASH Investigators believe a noise in the cockpit recording indicates a bomb took down the plane. Here's why this news could only "strengthen Putin's resolve in Syria." [Reuters]

HOW EACH GOP CANDIDATE CAN WIN THE NOMINATION Even Jeb. [Howard Fineman, Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]

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'MEET THE DARBIS, PART TWO: ROAD TO ASSIMILATION' "Mohamed's language difficulties have aggravated his job search. He was first offered a dishwashing job, which he turned down, holding out for something more in line with what he did back home in Syria, where he was a carpenter." [HuffPost]

'SPECTRE' RAKES IN $73 MILLION And "Charlie Brown" doesn't do bad either. [AP]

DONALD TRUMP BRINGS IN BEST SNL RATINGS IN OVER THREE YEARS Even though the episode was widely panned -- except for Sia's epic performances and that "Hotline Bling" dancing skit. [Variety]

THE FUTURE OF THE PUBLISHING BUSINESS? "But to understand how Horowitz arrived at this position of would-be digital visionary, you need to understand a few things about McSweeney’s, and the attitudes at its core." [Buzzfeed]

MEET THE NEXT LITTLE MERMAID Chloe Grace Moretz is taking over Universal's live action version. [HuffPost]

WHEN NOT TO WEAR FLANNEL Deadspin's failproof guide to looking your best. [Deadspin]

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RHODE ISLAND WORKS TO END VETERANS' HOMELESSNESS "The efforts that have secured Perrault a newly renovated one-bedroom apartment — complete with new furniture and even a TV — for a rental voucher and $25 per month for rent and utilities are part of a national push to end homelessness among veterans by the end of the year. The goal has been spurred by both President Barack Obama's administration and Zero: 2016, a campaign run by the nonprofit group Community Solutions." [HuffPost]


WHAT NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR CHILD "Sometimes when you're telling me something amazing about your child, you may notice that my eyes glaze over ... So friends, if you say any of the following things to me, know that I still love you and your child, but I'm also going to have a good chuckle at your expense later." [HuffPost]


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