Tuesday's Morning Email: A France 'At War'

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'FRANCE IS AT WAR' President Francois Hollande called for international unity for a campaign to defeat ISIS in a rare address to French Parliament. [AP]

RUSSIA: PLANE CRASH IN SINAI WAS 'TERRORIST ACT' The head of Russia's FSB security service declared a bomb to blame from the plane crash that killed 224 people last month. "There's no statute of limitations for this. We need to know all of their names," Putin said. "We're going to look for them everywhere wherever they are hiding. We will find them in any place on Earth and punish them." [AP]

THE HUNT FOR THE PARIS ATTACK MASTERMIND CONTINUES Authorities are combing Belgium for the alleged mastermind of the attack, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. A European security official revealed that air strikes had targeted Abaaoud as recently as last month. And take a look at this graphic, which describes the links between the Paris attackers, as well as this explainer on everything you need to know about ISIS. [NYT]

24 GOVERNORS CALL FOR A HALT TO SYRIAN REFUGEES "Syrian-Americans watched with heightened concern on Monday as a number of Republican governors said they would block Syrian refugees from entering their states after the terrorist attacks in Paris. The governors' statements were prompted by reports that one of the Paris attackers was able to enter France by embedding himself among the refugees pouring into Western Europe." These are the governors calling for a stop to the influx of Syrian refugees. [Sam Stein and Elise Foley, HuffPost]

THE QUESTION OF SURVEILLANCE REVISITED "A diabolical range of recent attacks claimed by the Islamic State -- a Russian airliner blown up in Egypt, a double suicide bombing in Beirut and Friday’s ghastly assaults on Paris -- has rekindled a debate over the proper limits of government surveillance in an age of terrorist mayhem." And here's how the terrorists were able to communicate with each other undetected. [NYT]

CHARLIE SHEEN EXPECTED TO REVEAL HIV DIAGNOSIS To Matt Lauer on The Today Show this morning. [HuffPost]

THAT NEW CHIP CREDIT CARD? IT'S GOING TO CONTRIBUTE TO HOLIDAY SHOPPING MADNESS The push and pull between banking and retail has resulted in updated technology that experts say is slowing down check out lines across the country, just before the holiday season. [NYT]

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JENNIFER LAWRENCE TOPS VULTURE'S MOST VALUABLE STARS LIST Find out who else rounds out the top 100, as well as the methodology behind the rankings. [Vulture]

THIS BREAKDOWN OF THE SUGAR YOU EAT Is guaranteed to alarm you. [HuffPost]

OVERSTOCK.COM HAS OVER $10 MILLION IN GOLD HOLED UP IN UTAH SOMEWHERE In case of a financial collapse. Should we be worried? [Buzzfeed]

THE STORES CLOSED ON THANKSGIVING Costco, Barnes and Noble, Nordstrom -- the list goes on. [HuffPost]

SO MANY TEARS At just the snippet of Adele's new song "When We Were Young." Imagine what will happen when the whole thing drops. [HuffPost]

LAMAR ODOM COULD BE CHARGED WITH A FELONY For drug possession at the time of his overdose in October. [AP]

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TACO BELL TO USE CAGE-FREE EGGS "Taco Bell's ringing a song for chickens' rights with today's announcement that the chain is committed to using cage-free eggs in all of its 6,000-plus U.S. corporate- and franchise-owned restaurants by December, 2016." [HuffPost]

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WILMER VALDERRAMA: 'IMMIGRATION IS THE SINGLE GREATEST THING TO HAPPEN TO THIS COUNTRY' "In the United States, the immigrant story is part of the blueprint of our country. It is an enduring legacy. It is a story often told by other Latino families and one that I will proudly continue telling." [HuffPost]


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