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This Thanksgiving, The Morning Email is so thankful for all of you. We're lucky to have such an incredible following. As always, please feel free to email us at lauren.weber@huffingtonpost.com with any tips or suggestions about improving The Morning Email. Thanks for reading!


VIDEO RELEASED OF CHICAGO OFFICER SHOOTING TEEN 16 TIMES "City officials on Tuesday released police dashcam video showing an officer shooting teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times, continuing to fire well after the youth falls to the ground. The court-ordered release of the video came hours after authorities charged Officer Jason Van Dyke with first-degree murder in the teen's killing." Demonstrators took to the streets in protest. Here's a look at Van Dyke's problematic record, as well as the Chicago Tribune's editorial on what this means for the city of Chicago. [Kim Bellware, HuffPost]

WHAT THE SHOT DOWN RUSSIAN WAR PLANE MEANS FOR NATO RELATIONS Here's a look at the back and forth between Russia and Turkey's accounts of the event. Russia rescued the navigator of the warplane, but the pilot appears to be dead. Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to target ISIS instead of rebels in Syria, but relations between NATO and Russia are seriously strained. Chances for a "grand coalition of international powers to change the course of chaos in Syria" are now very slim. [Reuters]

RUSSIA IS 'TAKING A HIT' AFTER THE DOWNED PLANE "The downing of a Russian jet fighter by Turkey threatens to disrupt President Vladimir Putin’s plan to bring more countries into his antiterrorism tent, as well as any potential rapprochement with the West." [WSJ]

WHY MILLENNIALS ARE JOINING THE MILITARY "Some were looking for a steady job. Some were searching for adventure. Some genuinely wanted to fight for their country. But there's another reason. Weaver turned as another recruit walked through the door. 'This isn't your grandfather's army,' he said." [Sebastian Murdock, HuffPost]

ALL THE THANKSGIVING FLIGHT PATTERNS So many people are headed to Miami. And here's what to expect when you get to the airport this week. [NYT]

U.S. TAKATA EMPLOYEES STATED CONCERNS FOR YEARS According to documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal, U.S. workers were worried their Japanese counterparts were altering reports to cover up the defective, and sometimes explosive, airbags. [WSJ]

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FORGET T-SWIFT'S SQUAD We want in on the Jennifer Lawrence, Adele and Emma Stone trio. [HuffPost]

THE RISE OF LASER ATTACKS ON PLANES "In the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration reported in October that 5,352 strikes had been documented in 2015 through Oct. 16, compared with 3,894 in all of 2014." [HuffPost]

SAY GOODBYE TO 'MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING' AND OTHER NETFLIX GEMS Let the holiday week binge begin before they disappear. And here's what you have to look forward to Dec. 1. [HuffPost]


THE INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARD NOMINEES WERE ANNOUNCED Better start watching these movies in preparation for Oscars season. [HuffPost]

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE DEADLY 'KISSING BUG' "If left untreated, the disease gets worse and enters what doctors call the chronic phase. Over time, the parasites nestle into the heart and digestive muscles of their hosts. They can cause heart and digestive disorders and discomfort before ultimately causing sudden death or heart failure." [HuffPost]


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FIXING THE MEDIA'S DIVERSITY PROBLEM "Every writer of color and most readers of color know the jolt of seeing a name like yours in print. It's a facsimile of the nod, the silent acknowledgment of a face like yours in a crowd." [HuffPost]

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ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: HOW BUSINESS CAN ACCELERATE CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION "In the last year, for example, the number of companies committing to weaning themselves off fossil fuels -- by creating real financial targets, not just making empty promises -- has tripled. Half of all new power plants built in 2014 were green." [HuffPost]


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The Morning Email will return November 30. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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