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INSIDE THE PARIS CLIMATE TALKS Here's what you need to know about the climate summit, as well as short answers to FAQs on climate change. President Barack Obama is "cautiously optimistic" that an accord could be possible -- and here's why that would be a landmark moment for the climate change movement. [Nick Visser, HuffPost]

PLANNED PARENTHOOD SHOOTER ROBERT LEWIS DEAR TO GO BEFORE JUDGE Dear allegedly opened fire on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs and created an hours-long standoff Friday. Meet the officer and two civilians he is accused of killing in a rampage that ended with him reportedly saying "no more baby parts." [AP]

TRIAL KICKS OFF FOR FIRST OF SIX OFFICERS IN FREDDIE GRAY CASE And as the trial begins, worries about violence in Baltimore grow. [WaPo]

ONLINE SHOPPING BEATS OUT BRICKS AND MORTAR FOR BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND Forget shopping in stores, mobile surfing is where it's at. And the deals aren't over yet -- check out these top Cyber Monday deals. [WSJ]

KOBE BRYANT ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT AT END OF SEASON Check out the poem he wrote to relay the big news. Here's why ESPN is calling him the most important NBA player of the 2000s, and here’s how the world reacted to the great's announcement. [Kelly Chen and Erick Fernandez, HuffPost]

LIBYA: THE 'FALLBACK OPTION' FOR ISIS "Iraqi commanders have been arriving from Syria, and the first public beheadings have started. The local radio stations no longer play music but instead extol the greatness of the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi." [NYT]

AN EXECUTIVE ORDER TO KEEP TOP TALENT The White House is contemplating an executive order that would raise pay and streamline the hiring process for top civil servants. [WaPo]

'REMAKING ILLINOIS' WITH A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY "The rich families remaking Illinois are among a small group around the country who have channeled their extraordinary wealth into political power, taking advantage of regulatory, legal and cultural shifts that have carved new paths for infusing money into campaigns." [NYT]

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THE PATRIOTS WISH THEY HAD A WEEKEND DO-OVER The Denver Broncos ruined New England’s undefeated season thus far and star Rob Gronkowski was injured. [AP]

SINEAD O'CONNOR RECEIVES MEDICAL TREATMENT AFTER APPARENT SUICIDE NOTE ON FACEBOOK "Sinead O'Connor is 'safe and sound' after an emotional note posted on her official Facebook page said that she had 'taken an overdose' of drugs, TMZ reported Sunday." [HuffPost]

YES, PRINCESS CHARLOTTE COULD NOT BE CUTER In the first photos of the princess released since June. [HuffPost]

WHEN U.S. CITIES' FATES DIVERGE "Growing inequality between and among regions and metro areas is obvious. But it is almost completely absent from the current political conversation." [The Atlantic]

FINAL COUNT: ADELE SOLD 3.38 MILLION COPIES IN FIRST WEEK Literally breaking the way that Nielson counts record sales. All hail Adele. [Vulture]

CONGRATS TO ANNE HATHAWAY The actress is pregnant with her first child with Adam Shulman. [HuffPost]

LETTING GO OF PERFECTION OVER THE HOLIDAYS "If you’re a perfectionist, chances are the impending aroma of turkey and the sound of jingle bells makes you a little bit nervous. Whether it’s your quest to find the perfect gift, the need to capture the perfect family moment or the desire to cook the perfect meal, the overwhelming drive to make sure everything goes according to plan is often at its peak during the holidays." [HuffPost]

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THE FREE COMMUNITY COLLEGE BOOM "But thousands of high school graduates have just started community college for free, with the first batch enrolled in independent first-year programs in Tennessee, Chicago and soon Oregon doing so under different price tags and philosophies -- offering templates of how a federal program might look and potential glitches." [AP]

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'CHOOSING CLIMATE-FRIENDLY FOOD' "Indeed, in the midst of a growing - and very encouraging - global conversation on how to address the common threat of climate change, far too little attention has been paid at the highest levels to the impact of our diets and farming practices on planet-warming emissions." [HuffPost]


~ Michael Brown still does not have a headstone, over a year after his death.

~ What the discovery of Nefertiti's tomb would mean for the Egyptian economy.

~ Michael Eric Dyson lays out why "Hillary Clinton will do more for black people" than President Obama in this week's New Republic.

~ Congrats to Coco and Ice T on their baby girl, Chanel.

~ The only meaningful detail we have yet of Mary-Kate Olsen's wedding is that it featured a lot of cigarettes.

~ HSBC's push to level the gender-imbalanced playing field.

~ Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch as an otter will be the best thing you've seen all day.

~ No, baby starlings aren't trying to commit suicide. But here's why they're drowning in droves.

~ The Internet finally has a John Stamos prom pic.

~ NPR takes a look at the hottest holiday toy -- the hoverboard.

~ Get back your attention span by "resisting … surfing into a stupor."

~ And because it's Monday, here's a chicken riding a Roomba.

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