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TED CRUZ GOES AFTER MARCO RUBIO "Ted Cruz on Monday offered his strongest denunciation so far of Marco Rubio's foreign policy views, assailing his Republican presidential rival as a proponent of 'military adventurism' that he said has benefited Islamic militant groups. He even tied the Floridian to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton." [Bloomberg]

THE COUNTRIES WITH 'THE MOST TO LOSE' FROM FAILED CLIMATE TALKS How rising tides and changes in the forest industry could devastate the Pacific Islands, Chad, and other countries. Or, as Pope Francis said, keep the world headed "toward suicide." [Lydia O'Connor, HuffPost]

HOW STUDENTS ARE PAYING FOR COLLEGE SPORTS A Washington Post investigation examines the mandatory athletic fees students pay across the country. [WaPo]

NEW DIABETES CASES FALL IN U.S. "After decades of relentless rise, the number of new cases of diabetes in the United States has finally started to decline. The rate of new cases fell by about a fifth from 2008 to 2014, according to researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first sustained decline since the disease started to explode in this country about 25 years ago." [NYT]

INDONESIAN INVESTIGATORS SAY FAULTY PART TO BLAME FOR AIRASIA CRASH LAST YEAR The crew's attempts to fix the control computer, which malfunctioned four times during the fatal flight that killed 162 people last Dec. 28, contributed to the crash. [Reuters]

AIDS LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH FOR AFRICAN TEENS As well as the second largest killer of teenagers around the world. [AP]

U.S. COMPANIES AREN'T SHELLING OUT THE BIG BUCKS "Business investment across the U.S. is fizzling out. Companies appear reluctant to step up spending on the basic building blocks of the economy, such as machines, computers and new buildings." [WSJ]

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THE 2016 PIRELLI CALENDAR GETS REAL The calendar has replaced the top supermodels with "women of achievement," from Amy Schumer to Serena Williams, and the results are stunning. [HuffPost]

THE END OF THE PINK DOLPHINS? Planned construction on a Hong Kong airport could kill off the rest of the endangered species. [HuffPost]

THE BARBIE THAT COULD JEOPARDIZE YOUR HOME SECURITY How hackers can get into this year's latest hi-tech toy, as well as the latest hack into VTech, an electronic toymaker. [HuffPost]

SLEEPING ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BED REPORTEDLY MAKES YOU HEALTHIER We're going to blame sleeping in the right side for why we have the flu right now. [HuffPost]

TWO MORE ACTRESSES HAVE ACCUSED JAMES DEEN OF ASSAULT "In the wake of adult film actress Stoya speaking out on Twitter to say that fellow porn star James Deen had raped her, two more adult film stars have the accused so-called 'feminist hero' of sexual assault." [HuffPost]

'WHEN A KID KILLS HIS LONGTIME ABUSER, WHO IS THE VICTIM?' Mother Jones takes a look at the "perplexing double standards of death penalty politics." [Mother Jones]

THE COLDPLAY-BEYONCE COLLAB IS INSANELY GOOD Did you expect anything less? [Vulture]

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THE PARENTAL LEAVE MOVEMENT IS HEADED TO THE BANKING WORLD "Credit Suisse announced Monday that it would begin offering all of its U.S. employees 20 weeks of paid maternity leave. Previously, the Zurich-based bank had offered 12 weeks paid plus eight weeks unpaid leave to its 8,300 U.S. employees." [HuffPost]

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PRINCE CHARLES: CLIMATE TALKS CRUCIAL FOR OUR GRANDCHILDREN "On an increasingly crowded planet, humanity faces many threats -- but none is greater than climate change. It magnifies every hazard and tension of our existence. It threatens our ability to feed ourselves; to remain healthy and safe from extreme weather; to manage the natural resources that support our economies, and to avert the humanitarian disaster of mass migration and increasing conflict." [HuffPost]


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