Friday's Morning Email: Fear Of Terrorism Highest Since 9/11

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FEAR OF TERRORISM HIGHEST SINCE 9/11 "Americans are more fearful about the likelihood of another terrorist attack than at any other time since the weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, a gnawing sense of dread that has helped lift Donald J. Trump to a new high among Republican primary voters, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll." Donald Trump's rise has led to speculation of a split GOP convention. [NYT]

FBI LOOKS INTO LAKE SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTERS MAY HAVE VISITED Authorities are also expanding their investigation into the shooters' friends and family. [Michael McLaughlin, HuffPost]

DUPONT, DOW CHEMICAL TO FORMALLY MERGE In a deal worth over $130 billion. [WSJ]

OKLAHOMA EX-COP CONVICTED OF SERIAL RAPE Former Oklahoma City officer Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted after he was accused of raping 13 black women while on duty. [Melissa Jeltson, HuffPost]

A LOOK AT THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE COP21 CLIMATE AGREEMENT A key question is whether the draft is ambitious enough. And in China, a look at the economic ramifications of the future of its coastal cities submerged by rising tides. [Lynne Peeples, HuffPost]

WHITE HOUSE PROPOSAL TO STRENGTHEN GUN BACKGROUND CHECKS EXPECTED SHORTLY The recommendations would expand gun background checks without Congressional approval. [AP]

WHEN INFANTS ARE PRESCRIBED ANTIPSYCHOTIC DRUGS "Many doctors worry that these drugs, designed for adults and only warily accepted for certain school-age youngsters, are being used to treat children still in cribs despite no published research into their effectiveness and potential health risks for children so young." [NYT]

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NEED AN UGLY CRY? Do we have some movies for you. [HuffPost]

THE 13 MILLION UNDOCUMENTED PEOPLE IN CHINA "As the second daughter in her family, Li was denied a hukou (pronounced “WHO-co”), a crucial household registration document that would endow her with rights as a citizen of China … People without hukous have lived in China for decades as second-class citizens. They can’t legally go to school, hold a job, stay at a hotel, see a doctor, get married or even buy a train ticket." [HuffPost]

GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATIONS ARE OUT And so many snubs ("The Americans," we'll always love you!). [HuffPost]

WORLD TRAVELERS BEWARE Need extra pages in your passport? You're going to have to renew it. [HuffPost]

WHEN YOU BUILD A RENEWABLE ENERGY OASIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT On the latest episode of "Now What With Ryan Duffy," a look at how we can move past oil dependency. [HuffPost]

LOVE SWEET LEAF ICE TEA? Watch out -- 1.5 million bottles of the stuff are being recalled for potential glass fragments. [CNN]

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IKEA'S DONATIONS TO SYRIAN REFUGEES "Ikea Canada announced plans on Thursday to donate $180,000 in furniture and furnishings to aid charities helping Syrian refugees settle into their new homes. Company president Stefan Sjöstrand told The Huffington Post Canada he 'felt strongly' about putting together a program to support resettlement efforts across the country." [HuffPost]

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THE PACKING MISTAKES YOU'RE MAKING We've made all of them. [HuffPost]


~ Forget about a White Christmas: there'll be a full moon on Christmas for the first time in decades!

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~ Congrats to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who gave birth to identical twin girls.

~ Kristin Cavallari's brother has been found dead after being missing for several days.

~ Gina Rodriguez played down the Golden Globes mixing up her and America Ferrera.

~ Single and looking to mingle? A small Irish town has the matchmaking festival for you.

~ And on this week's "So That Happened," the gang takes a look at the upcoming GOP debate Tuesday and whether anyone will actually deal with Trump directly on stage.

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