Monday's Morning Email: GOP Rivals Target Ted Cruz

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AS CRUZ RISES, SO DO HIS RIVALS' ATTACKS Trump called him a "maniac," Rubio labeled him an "isolationist," and Ben Carson said he spent all his time at "cocktail parties." And here's who made the main GOP debate stage for tomorrow night. [Marina Fang, HuffPost]

INSIDE THE LANDMARK CLIMATE AGREEMENT The New York Times takes a look at a deal "six years in the making," while The Wall Street Journal analyzes the varying degrees of business support for the pact. [NYT]

EGYPT DISPUTES RUSSIA'S CLAIM OF TERRORISM REGARDING DOWNED PLANE Egyptian authorities said they had not found any indication of an "illegal or terrorist act" on the Oct. 31 crash that Russian authorities allege was the fault of a bomb. [AP]

RAMADI: 'REDEMPTION' FOR IRAQI FORCES "For Iraq’s armed forces, and the Americans who are training and backing them, this is a particularly important fight. Here, the country’s Shiite militias are not taking part, and that gives the regular Iraqi military a chance to repair its image." [WaPo]

AFTER AN INMATE'S DEATH, NO REPERCUSSIONS No one cared an inmate died at Clinton Correctional Facility until a jail break revealed the horrors within its gates. [NYT]

HOW INDIA'S NUCLEAR PROGRAM POISONED ITS OWN PEOPLE "The water was adulterated with radioactive alpha particles that cannot be absorbed through the skin or clothes, but if ingested cause 1,000 times more damage than other types of radiation. In some places, the levels were 160 percent higher than safe limits set by the World Health Organization." [The Center for Public Integrity]

CRAZY 2016 GOP SCENARIOS THAT JUST MAY COME TRUE From a brokered convention to floor fights and the specter of Mitt Romney, all the potential 2016 nomination outcomes. [Howard Fineman, Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]

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THE WORLD IS RUNNING OUT OF GROUNDWATER "Much of the planet relies on groundwater. And in places around the world -- from the United States to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America -- so much water is pumped from the ground that aquifers are being rapidly depleted and wells are going dry." [USA Today]


WE CAN GET BEHIND THIS SEQUEL "Independence Day 2" looks incredible, even without Will Smith back in a flight suit. [HuffPost]

SAYING GOODBYE TO THE WARRIORS' STREAK Debriefing the end of the run, as well as a compilation of all of Steph Curry's three's in the 24 games. [ESPN]

STILL NEED A GIFT IDEA? The best books of the year. [Vanirty Fair]

GOOGLE CAME UP WITH A WAY TO SPLIT THE CHECK It's getting harder for people to pull the "I forgot my wallet" line … [HuffPost]

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THE JAPANESE TOWN AIMING TO ELIMINATE TRASH "Since taking on a rigorous recycling program, this southeastern town of 1,700 people is on target to produce zero waste, according to a documentary produced by the Seeker Network." [HuffPost]

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THE BEST MONTH TO FIND A JOB "Hiring drops dramatically during the holidays and the majority of people looking for work adopt the attitude that they will take these weeks off and then gear back up after the first of the year … it gives an enviable leg up to the savvy seeker who chooses to keep their search active." [HuffPost]


~ In Saudi Arabia, 20 women were elected for the first time to local government seats.

~ Stock up on some tissues -- Adele's NBC concert is tonight.

~ Congrats to Eva Longoria on her engagement to Jose Antonio Baston.

~ This Vanna White "Wheel of Fortune" mishap is perfect for the Christmas season.

~ Why the holiday White House line is oh so awkward for our Commander-in-Chief.

~ Tracking how much private equity firms rake in in fees.

~ "Mike and Molly" has been canceled after six seasons.

~ Find yourself missing George W. Bush? "Saturday Night Live" thought so -- and brought back Will Ferrell at his best.

~ Taylor Swift wants to trademark "Swiftmas," which just seems a bit excessive.

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