Tuesday's Morning Email: What To Expect For Tonight's GOP Debate

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2016 DEBATE, GOP EDITION The Ted Cruz-Donald Trump showdown should be the highlight of the CNN debate tonight. Marco Rubio could also get rather fiesty with the insurgent Cruz -- and Jeb Bush may just show up on stage. And here are some potential questions in a debate that will most likely focus on terrorism, Americans' top concern for the country. [AP]

A CHILD HAS DIED OF GUN VIOLENCE EVERY OTHER DAY SINCE SANDY HOOK And that's only a fraction of gun deaths each year. [Nick Wing, HuffPost]

LOVE YOUR SHRIMP? IT MAY HAVE BEEN PEELED BY SLAVES Modern-day slaves in Thailand may be providing your favorite seafood dish. [AP]

FBI: SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTER SENT FACEBOOK MESSAGES INDICATING EXTREMISM The female shooter in San Bernardino pledged her support for jihad in two sets of Facebook messages sent in 2012 and 2014 to a group of friends in Pakistan. [Reuters]

LINK BETWEEN MATERNAL ANTIDEPRESSANTS AND AUTISM "A new study provides some of the strongest evidence yet that using an antidepressant like Prozac, Paxil or Zoloft during the final two trimesters of pregnancy may be linked to a higher risk of autism spectrum disorder for the child." [WaPo]

BOWE BERGDAHL FACES LIFE IN PRISON The Army has decided to charge him with the highest charge of desertion in a general court-martial, which carries a potential life sentence. [WaPo]

WHEN YOU WORRY ABOUT A NUCLEAR TRAGEDY IN YOUR BACKYARD "Transparency and accountability are lacking at India’s largest nuclear park, where a Russian reactor was constructed with faulty parts." [The Center for Public Integrity]

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BILL COSBY SUING SEVEN ACCUSERS FOR DEFAMATION "The defendants named in Cosby's countersuit are just a few of the more than 50 women who have come forward with allegations of sexual assault or misconduct that span the last 30 years." [HuffPost]

'STAR WARS' MANIA BEGINS The premiere last night kicks off a week of movie insanity. [HuffPost]

SERENA WILLIAMS WON SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR And some people on the Internet were not super pleased about it. [Sports Illustrated]

WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE GETTING A TATTOO According to one of the top inkmakers for the stars. [HuffPost]

THE WORST CASE SCENARIOS OF GETTING DRUNK AT YOUR WORK HOLIDAY PARTY Courtesy of Deadspin, enjoy the nightmares of drunken hookups and skinny-dipping coworker nonsense. [Deadspin]

WOMEN REPORT THIS SHAMPOO IS MAKING THEIR HAIR FALL OUT Hundreds of women have alleged that "Wen" shampoo has caused them to go bald. [Buzzfeed]


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UBER ADDS WHEELCHAIR OPTION IN D.C. "To call a wheelchair-accessible taxi through Uber, just open the app, choose the UberTaxi option, and then enter the promo code 'wheelchairdc.' After the app registers the code, it will show a wheelchair option and the location of available vehicles nearby." [HuffPost]

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FROM HOOK-UP TO HUBBY "Our meeting story and subsequent coupling isn't exactly a story you tell over tea and crumpets. It's a story you tell only your close friends after copious amounts of cocktails." [HuffPost]


~ The level of lead in the water in Flint, Michigan, has caused a state of emergency.

~ Getting a drone for Christmas? Make sure to register it.

~ Also watch out for that hoverboard -- it might catch on fire.

~ Up your gift-wrapping game with some serious bows.

~ Angela Merkel called multiculturalism "a grand delusion."

~ Vladimir Putin signed a law that allows Russia to overthrow human rights court verdicts. Happy Tuesday to you too.

~ Will Smith 2016 may be more real than people think.

~ We love this photo of this soldier and his K-9 sharing a hospital bed while recovering from being hit with shrapnel.

~ Examining the various "Star Wars" fonts.

~ Jonathan Chait calls climate change pact President Barack Obama's greatest achievement.

~ It's a hardknock life as a mid-level YouTube star.

~ What you're missing in the "Rudolph" deleted scene.

~ And Seattle passed a law that will allow Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize.

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