Thursday's Morning Email: Iran Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Air Strike On Embassy

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IRAN ACCUSES SAUDI ARABIA OF AIRSTRIKE ON EMBASSY "Iran accused Saudi Arabia on Thursday of an aerial attack on its embassy in Sana, the capital of Yemen, in a potential escalation of a sectarian and geopolitical conflict that has put the region on edge." [NYT]

CHINA STOPS TRADING FOR SECOND TIME THIS WEEK AFTER STOCKS PLUMMET "China halted stock trading Thursday, its second daylong trading suspension this week, after prices plunged in the latest spasm of investor panic on its volatile markets." Global stocks continue to suffer from the volatility, and here's why such drops are "more about the economy than the market." [AP]

UN WEIGHING SANCTIONS FOR NORTH KOREA OVER POTENTIAL HYDROGEN BOMB TEST While the U.S. refused to confirm whether North Korea successfully executed a hydrogen bomb test, the U.N. Security Council is considering heavy sanctions after the country's announcement. [Reuters]

OFFICER WHO ARRESTED SANDRA BLAND FIRED "A Texas state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland after a contentious traffic stop last summer was fired Wednesday after being charged with perjury for allegedly lying about his confrontation with the black woman who died three days later in jail." [AP]

JOE BIDEN: 'I REGRET [NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT] EVERY DAY' The vice president also said he still believes it was the right decision for his family at the time. [AP]

COULD THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION BE REPEATING 'THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS'? "The government has vowed to punish executives for corporate wrongdoing. Will it follow through?" [Shahien Nasiripour, HuffPost]

'NEW HAMPSHIRE' "Ever wonder what it's like to actually live on the presidential campaign trail -- not just watch it from afar? Starting this Monday, Jan. 11, we'll show you." [Scott Conroy, HuffPost]

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HOW NOT TO GET THE REST OF THE OFFICE SICK You don't want to be that person. [Bloomberg]

THE END OF EMAIL And a look at what will replace it. [The Atlantic]

IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT THE MOM'S DIET "In one of the studies, a team of Chinese researchers fed male mice a high-fat diet and then harvested their sperm to impregnate female mice. The offspring of those mice developed impaired insulin resistance and glucose intolerance -- both known precursors to diabetes -- while the offspring of a control group of mice did not." [HuffPost]

WILL A ROBOT STEAL YOUR JOB? Probably. This chart will tell you just how probably. [Fast Company]

HOW ONE SYRIAN FAMILY IS ASSIMILATING IN AMERICA: PART THREE "Mohamed is overcome with relief that he can now support his family, he said, but he finds that the hours are difficult to get used to. He also had to abandon his ESL class, since he sleeps during the day." [HuffPost]

WHY WE'RE ENVIOUS OF THE BRITS' CHILDREN'S STORIES "If British children gathered in the glow of the kitchen hearth to hear stories about magic swords and talking bears, American children sat at their mother’s knee listening to tales larded with moral messages about a world where life was hard, obedience emphasized, and Christian morality valued. Each style has its virtues, but the British approach undoubtedly yields the kinds of stories that appeal to the furthest reaches of children’s imagination." [The Atlantic]

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PANERA BREAD GETS RID OF ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS IN ITS SOUPS "Panera Bread's entire U.S. soup menu no longer contains artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives listed on its No No List, the company announced Wednesday." [HuffPost]

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ALL THE STORAGE HACKS That cost all of $0. [HuffPost]


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