Wednesday's Morning Email: Trump To Skip Debate Over Megyn Kelly

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TRUMP WILL NOT ATTEND THURSDAY'S GOP DEBATE The Republican frontrunner was unhappy with the choice of Megyn Kelly as a moderator, and after lobbying for days to have her removed from the debate to no avail, he has decided not to attend. Fox News said it would not "give into terrorizations toward any of our employees." [Marina Fang, HuffPost]

ONE KILLED, SEVEN ARRESTED IN OREGON MILITANT STANDOFF "Ammon Bundy, leader of the month-long militant occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, was arrested Tuesday in a highway confrontation with law enforcement that killed one of his followers and wounded another, according to the FBI." [Nick Visser, HuffPost]

GLOBAL STOCKS STILL LOW Many are waiting to see what happens after the Federal Reserve announces its "first monetary policy decision of the year" Wednesday. [WSJ | Paywall]

CHINA REACHES OUTSIDE ITS BORDERS TO TARGET DISSENT "A string of incidents, including abductions from Thailand and Hong Kong, forced repatriations and the televised 'confessions' of two Swedish citizens, has crossed a new red line, according to diplomats in Beijing. Yet many foreign governments seem unwilling or unable to intervene, their public response limited to mild protests." [WaPo]

THE NEXT FLINT, MICHIGAN Inside the Ohio town that now fears its water may be contaminated. [AP]


YOU SHOULD PROBABLY RENEW YOUR PASSPORT "The [State] Department anticipates a surge in passport demand throughout this year, and officials hope to avoid a crush that could leave some Americans fuming in frustration with no passport in hand on the day they planned to travel outside the country." [NYT]


A LOOK AT A DAY IN THE LIFE OF OUR PLANET, IN 12 SECONDS You'll want to hold your breath. [Glittering Blue]

ABE VIGODA DEAD AT 94 The famous character actor died in his sleep Tuesday. [AP]

THE FILM TAKING SUNDANCE BY STORM "The Birth of a Nation," which Nate Parker wrote, produced and starred in, depicts an 1831 slave rebellion. [HuffPost]

MSNBC AND THE UNION LEADER MAY PULL OFF A ROGUE DEBATE Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow would moderate. [HuffPost]

WHAT A POISON EXPERT REFUSES TO PUT ON HIS PLATE Say goodbye to that pre-cut celery. [HuffPost]

FIVE YEARS AFTER THE ARAB SPRING, THE EGYPTIAN ARTIST TRAINING HIS EYE ON THE U.S. "But I think art in Egypt is far more developed than what you see in the U.S., for example. A lot of new artists emerged during the revolution. New artists made powerful art in different contexts, whether it was street art, visual art, or performative art in the street or showed art in independent galleries and spaces." [HuffPost]

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HOW TO STOP DESTROYING THE RAINFORESTS WITH YOUR COOKIE PURCHASES "A new video released by environmental activists explores the issue of palm oil, which is found in half of all the products we buy -- from cookies to shampoos -- and is linked to the destruction of one of the world's most important tropical rainforests." [HuffPost]

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