Friday's Morning Email: Debate Highlights Clinton, Sanders Fault Lines

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CLINTON, SANDERS FAULT LINES SHOW IN DEBATE As Jonathan Cohn puts it: "He thinks it's possible to change politics. She doesn't." Critics rallied behind Clinton for her performance, while Sanders continues to fundraise record numbers off of his debate performances. Here's how the candidates clashed on health care, President Barack Obama's legacy and systemic racism. Above it all, Nevada "looms." [Jonathan Cohn, HuffPost]

U.S., RUSSIA STRIKE TEMPORARY SYRIA CEASEFIRE DEAL The pause in bombings will allow much-needed aid to reach beleaguered towns in Syria. However, this is not a permanent fix. [Reuters]

GLOBAL STOCK MARKET UNREST DEEPENS "Japan's Nikkei share average stumbled to a fresh 16-month low in heavy trade on Friday, and posted the biggest weekly drop since 2008 as investors scrambled to dump risky assets after the dollar dived to a 15-month low against the yen." Fears of a global recession are growing, according to The Wall Street Journal. [Reuters]

UNDERSTANDING THE RETURN OF THE SUPERDELEGATE CONUNDRUM And how Clinton already has at least 360 to Sanders' 8. [Jason Linkins, HuffPost]

'THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY' A sobering look at all the women that died at the hands of their romantic partners in the U.S. last month. [Melissa Jeltson, HuffPost]

END OF OREGON STANDOFF "The final occupier of a remote federal property in Oregon surrendered to law enforcement Thursday, ending a nearly six-week standoff that tore apart a rural community, captivated a national audience and left one militant dead." [Dana Liebelson and Andy Campbell, HuffPost]


PRESIDENT OBAMA PROPOSED LESS MONEY TO FIGHT THE WORLD'S NUMBER ONE INFECTIOUS KILLER Just two months after he pitched an ambitious plan to fight it. [HuffPost]

THE PROSTHETIC BUILT OUT OF LEGOS Could soon become a reality for kids across the world. [HuffPost]


THE FUTURE OF NEWS APPS? Ones you can chat with. [Wired]

AZIZ ANSARI TALKS THE TYRANNY OF THOSE 3 DOTS And how those texting dots could be courtship's salvation. [Nautilus]

KANYE DEBUTED A FASHION LINE, PREVIEWED HIS ALBUM And said some super off-color things about Taylor Swift. [HuffPost]

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MAKERS OF MOSQUITO REPELLANT STEPPING UP AMID ZIKA CRISIS "The Racine, Wisconsin-based company [SC Johnson] said it has approached the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the International Committee of the Red Cross about donations to fight Zika." [HuffPost]

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~ And thankfully it's Friday. We feel like these monkeys throwing a pool party about the end of this week.

The Morning Email will return Tuesday after the President's Day holiday. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

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