Friday's Morning Email: Inside The Rather Subdued GOP debate

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A SUBDUED AFFAIR A look at what the calm and mostly civil Republican debate means for each of the candidates before the key primaries Tuesday. Check out the winners and losers, as well as the highlights from the first GOP affair to really lack fireworks. And the "So That Happened" podcast team examines how last night's debate was most likely the end for Marco Rubio. [Igor Bobic and Ryan Grim, HuffPost]

STATES TAKING A LOOK AT FLAWED RAPE KIT POLICIES "At least 20 states are pursuing reforms to the inconsistent ways rape kits are handled by law enforcement agencies after a USA Today Network investigation last year revealed tens of thousands of rape evidence kits went untested nationwide." [USA Today]

WOUNDED WARRIORS PROJECT FIRES TOP EXECUTIVES Following reports of their lavish expenses. [NYT]

GLOBAL STOCKS BOUNCE BACK "Global stocks rebounded Friday as investors reassessed the impact of the European Central Bank’s latest stimulus measures." [WSJ | Paywall]

OVER 60 ATHLETES HAVE TESTED POSITIVE FOR DRUG SHARAPOVA ADMITS TO TAKING The list includes gold medalists and other champions that have failed tests for the drug meldonium after it was added to the World Anti-Doping Agency's banned substances list this year. [NYT]

THE WHITE HOUSE THREW QUITE THE PARTY LAST NIGHT Inside the Canadian state dinner, from the fabulous ensembles to President Barack Obama's jokes about Ted Cruz. [Paige Lavender, HuffPost]


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT OPTING OUT? Après founder Jennifer Gefsky talks stepping out of the workforce and finding her way back. Fill out our survey about your own experiences here. [HuffPost]

HALF OF AMERICA APPROVES OF THE WORK OBAMA IS DOING IN OFFICE At 50 percent, the president has his highest ratings since the beginning of 2013. [HuffPost]

ARE YOU TIRED OF THE LIVE STREAM NOTIFICATIONS? Facebook promises a fix is coming. [HuffPost]

CONGRATS, SINGAPORE On becoming the world's most expensive city to live in. [HuffPost]

MEET THE LAST OF INDIA'S HEADHUNTERS No, this is not a LinkedIn title. [Buzzfeed]

WE EAT A LOT OF SUGAR "A frighteningly large portion of the calories and sugar Americans eat comes from ultra-processed foods, which are are tinkered with even more than regularly processed foods and may contribute to serious health issues like Type 2 diabetes, according to a new study." [HuffPost]

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WHEN YOUR STUDENTS CAN'T AFFORD PENS AND PAPER "Students come to school without pencils and papers. Forty percent of our students live in group homes." [HuffPost]

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~ Shondaland throws its support behind Hillary Clinton.

~ Kiefer Sutherland is releasing a folk album. He probably has a lot of pent up feelings from always almost dying in his "24" days.

~ Surprise, surprise: it's rather hard for Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton to be best buds anymore.

~ This story about Jeb Bush not being able to get a milkshake seems to sum up everything about everything.

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