Monday's Morning Email: All Roads Lead To Ohio

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ALL ROADS LEAD TO OHIO Why tomorrow's primary is the last stand for the Republican establishment and Bernie Sanders to have a shot at winning the nomination. And as Kasich and Rubio's fates diverge, a look at "the end of Marco-mentum." [NYT]

BREITBART REPORTER, EDITOR-AT-LARGE RESIGN OVER TRUMP REACTION Reporter Michelle Fields said she does not believe her organization has stood by her amid reports that Trump's campaign manager roughly grabbed her while she was covering a rally. [Buzzfeed]

'DOCTOR URGED PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT FOR GERMANWINGS CO-PILOT TWO WEEKS BEFORE CRASH' "French investigators have recommended tougher medical checks for pilots after uncovering fresh evidence of unreported concerns over the mental state of a German pilot who crashed his jet into the Alps last year, killing all 150 people on board." [Reuters]

ALMOST HALF A MILLION RALLY IN STREETS AGAINST BRAZILIAN PRESIDENT Amid one of the worst recessions the country has seen in years. [Reuters]

OBAMA TO VISIT LONDON TO LOBBY AGAINST 'BREXIT' "U.S. President Barack Obama will come to London in April and urge British voters to back continued membership of the European Union, The Independent on Sunday newspaper reported." [Reuters]

AFRICAN RHINOS COULD BE EXTINCT IN 10 YEARS If poaching trends continue. [Dominique Mosbergen, HuffPost]

THE TOP 12 REASONS 2016 MIGHT BE THE MOST DEPRESSING ELECTION YET From violence to racial anxiety, why 2016 has us down. [Howard Fineman, Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber]


PREPARE YOUR OFFICE BRACKET March Madness is officially here. Check out the worst snubs, the top picks, the bracket leak, and some strategies for that office pool. And start game-planning how to watch at work. [Sports Illustrated]

'WHO OWNS CHINATOWN' "Boston’s Chinatown has been a safe haven for Chinese immigrants for generations, but it’s being uprooted by urban development." [Buzzfeed]

THE UNDERBELLY OF ADVERTISING Inside the lack of diversity decimating the industry. [WSJ | Paywall]

WHERE IS RICHARD SIMMONS? The world is trying to figure it out. [NY Daily News]


THE TOP BEVERAGE IN CHINA Drumroll please … hot water. [LA Times]

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SAVING WATER IN SAN FRANCISCO "How the [San Francisco Public Utilities Commission] is enabling onsite water reuse systems, drilling new groundwater wells and achieving some of the state's lowest per capita water use." [HuffPost]

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~ ISIS is using birth control to maintain sex slaves.

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~ 9 foods you shouldn’t put in the freezer.

~ And happy Pi Day!

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