Friday's Morning Email: Paul Ryan Acknowledges A Contested Convention Is Likely

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PAUL RYAN PREPARES FOR A CONTESTED CONVENTION The Speaker of the House seems skeptical that Donald Trump could gather the 1,237 delegates necessary to lock-up the convention. While Ryan has denied he would throw his hat in the ring for the presidential job in such a scenario, he also denied he would take the Speaker spot. [Laura Barron-Lopez, HuffPost]

WHAT MERRICK GARLAND CAN EXPECT NEXT IN HIS NOMINATION FIGHT How the various branches of government will deal with a contentious fight, and how the judge's moderate background should ease the process. [NYT]

CURRENCIES ON THE RISE Despite banking attempts to weaken them. [WSJ | Paywall]

NORTH KOREA FIRES BALLISTIC MISSILE Once again, breaking all U.N. sanctions. [Reuters]

THERE MAY BE LEAD IN YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL WATER "An analysis of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data showed about 350 schools and day-care centers failed lead tests a total of about 470 times from 2012 through 2015." And reports of high lead levels are emerging from Newark, New Jersey. [USA Today]

WATCH OUT For the Bumble Bee Tuna recall. [Kate Bratskeir, HuffPost]

FBI: CALIFORNIA STABBING SPREE INSPIRED BY ISIS The FBI has determined a University of California Merced student’s stabbing spree last fall was inspired by ISIS. [Reuters]


LAST MONTH WAS RATHER TOASTY Global temperatures were at an all-time high. [HuffPost]

'HIGH SCHOOLS ARE FAILING GIRLS WHO REPORT SEXUAL ASSAULT' "A rising number of high schools are under federal investigation for complaints they failed to protect alleged rape victims from coming face-to-face with accused perpetrators in the classroom." [HuffPost]


GETTING BROS TO SHELL OUT FOR CLOTHES Meet the "Brotailers." [Bloomberg]

WANT TO BE VERY AFRAID? Watch how fast this snake can strike. [HuffPost]

INSIDE THE CORDON BLEU SCHOOL SCAM IN THE U.S. The cooking version of for-profit colleges. [Priceonomics]

WHY YOU NEED TO WASH YOUR FACE Apparently twice a day. Or maybe not. It's up to you. [GQ]

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GIVING NEWBORNS A CHANCE "All made in Hanoi using readily available materials and parts, the machines are durable, easy to use and do not require expensive materials. Installed in more than 250 hospitals, MTTS equipment has so far been used to treat more than three-quarters of a million babies suffering from infant respiratory distress system, jaundice or hypothermia." [HuffPost]

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~ And watching a baby bald eagle hatch should give you more faith in America than the 2016 election. Happy Friday.

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