Friday's Morning Email: Unpacking Donald Trump's Likability Numbers

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UNDERSTANDING DONALD TRUMP'S LIKABILITY NUMBERS "If he wins the GOP nomination, Trump wouldn’t be the first nominee to enter a general election with negative ratings. He would, however, be the least popular major party nominee in modern times. " And here's a breakdown of how delegates could end up voting for someone else at the convention. [Ariel Edwards-Levy, HuffPost]

STOCK UP ON THE BUG SPRAY It's not just Florida and Texas that are at risk for the mosquito that carries the Zika virus. But The Washington Post reports that the spread of the virus is slowing down in parts of Latin America. [Erin Schumaker, HuffPost]

THE BRIGHT SPOTS OF THE AMERICAN ECONOMY "Here in the Mountain West -- but also in places as varied as Seattle and Portland, [Oregon], in the Northwest, and Atlanta and Orlando, [Florida], in the Southeast -- employers are hiring at a steady clip, housing prices are up and consumers are spending more freely." [NYT]

LEAD POISONING IN THE BIG APPLE A look into the lead paint that's causing irreparable damage to New York City's kids, which some landlords see as the cost of doing business. [HuffPost]

AFGHANS HAUNTED SIX MONTHS AFTER U.S. HOSPITAL BOMBING "A bullet through the head didn’t kill 9-year-old Amina. Her father, Abdel Qadir, had managed to carry her limp body to the trauma hospital in Kunduz, praying that she would live. But on Oct. 3, less than a week after surviving a firefight between Afghan forces and Taliban insurgents that had surrounded her home, Amina burned to death in a hospital bed as her father watched helplessly." [Sophia Jones, HuffPost]

ABUSED WOMAN ACCUSED OF MURDER GOES FREE AFTER 3 YEARS IN PRISON The jury determined she was not guilty after hearing the circumstances of the domestic violence Cherelle Baldwin had faced. [Melissa Jeltsen, HuffPost]


FACEBOOK IS TAKING OVER Be ashamed, America, at how much time we all spend on the site. [HuffPost]

'DRUGS YOU DON'T NEED FOR DISORDERS YOU DON'T HAVE' "Inside the pharmaceutical industry's campaign to put us all to sleep." [HuffPost]

EVER WANT TO MAKE AN ATTACK AD? Go nuts, everyone, with this ad-libs style ad-o-matic, complete with a fantastic voiceover. [National Constitution Center]

EVERYONE'S HAPPY ABOUT CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN'S NUDE SHOE LINE With shades of nude for every skin tone. Now if only they were affordable... [Brit + Co]

FBI ALLEGES HOSPICE PROVIDER BOSS TEXTED EXECUTION ORDERS Such as: "You need to make this patient go bye-bye." [Daily Beast]

US WEEKLY: WENDI DENG DATING VLADIMIR PUTIN Rupert Murdoch's ex-wife was also rumored to have had an affair with the former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair. [Us Magazine]

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NEW YORK TO RAISE MINIMUM WAGE "Governor Andrew Cuomo and state legislative leaders reached a deal on Thursday to raise New York state’s minimum wage towards $15 per hour, but fell short of a uniform statewide increase." [Reuters]

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~ A Virginia state trooper was killed after a suspect opened fire at a Richmond Greyhound bus stop.

~ Top black staffers are leaving the RNC.

~ Inside the university lab ISIS is using to build its bombs.

~ Zaha Hadid, the legendary female architect who was the first to win the Pritzker prize, has died. She was 65.

~ Why you should be watching "Girls."

~ And in case you've had a rough week, Chris Bosh has got you with his blog post about beers for the bbq you need to plan. This is not a drill.

~ It's gotten bad enough for 2016 that you can filter your dating apps by political party. And bad enough that we feel obligated to tell you that.

~ All of the feels over the final days of the Barack Obama-Joe Biden bromance.

~ Set your watches, Beyonce's Ivy Park workout apparel is almost here.

~ Living through five days on a Zumba cruise.

~ In case you needed another reason to head to Baskin-Robbins, they now have a Sour Patch Kids ice cream.

~ How to know if you're dating a sociopath (who hopefully won't know you clicked on this link).

~ Snow White has a sister, and Disney is making a movie about her.

~ This slow-mo video of laser hair removal is downright mesmerizing.

~ The "So That Happened" team talks about the time that Donald Trump "accidentally articulated the GOP abortion stance a little too loudly."

~ The CIA left explosive material on a school bus because that makes so much sense.

~ Most red food dye is made up of crushed bugs. So many things will never be the same.

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