Friday's Morning Email: Pope Francis Relaxes Church's Stance On Divorce

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POPE FRANCIS RELAXES CHURCH STANCE ON DIVORCE "Pope Francis on Friday called for a Church that was less strict and more compassionate towards 'imperfect' Catholics, such as those who divorced and remarried, saying 'no one can be condemned forever.'" The Pope also reaffirmed that the church would not support gay marriage. Read the entire "Amoris Laetitia" here. [Reuters]

PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY BERNIE DOESN'T THINK HILLARY IS 'QUALIFIED' "Many of these women [backing her] have been told their whole lives that they’re not as qualified as men." [Amanda Terkel, HuffPost]


NOT ONLY IS ADOBE FLASH CRASHING YOUR COMPUTER It could be a vehicle for ransomware. [Reuters]

CEO PAY DROPS SHARPLY "Compensation for the chief executives of the biggest U.S. companies fell more sharply last year than any year since the financial crisis, as weaker corporate performance slowed cash bonuses and accounting rules pared back pension growth." Here's a breakdown of the top CEO's pay decreases this year. [WSJ]

'THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH' That's Hillary Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta talking about aliens. [CNN]


A Q AND A WITH THE VICE PRESIDENT Talking to Joe Biden about the “stain on the moral character of a society.” [HuffPost]

'TURNING FEMALE CAPTIVES INTO TERRORISTS' "Hold the bomb under your armpit to keep it steady, the women and girls were taught." [NYT]

VITAL STARS HOLLOW UPDATES Melissa McCarthy is returning! [HuffPost]

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE 'ROGUE ONE' TRAILER A breakdown of all the shots, spoilers and crazy characters. [Vulture]

ARE YOU HAVING A BAD START TO YOUR FRIDAY? Nothing is as bad as Ernie Els's start to the Masters. [HuffPost]

INSIDE A $100 MILLION SEARCH FOR ALIEN LIFE "What separates the quest to find extraterrestrial intelligence from X-Files conspiracy theories is statistics, specifically the law of large numbers." [Rolling Stone]

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THIS STRAWBERRY FARM'S BENEFITS ARE INCREDIBLE "True to his word, [James] Cochran offers his employees stock ownership and pension plans, dental and health care coverage, and holiday and vacation pay. The farm estimates that 75 percent of its workers also take advantage of the low-cost housing plan that’s offered." [HuffPost]

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