Tuesday's Morning Email: Tennessee Passes Anti-LGBT Legislation

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TENNESSEE PASSES ANTI-LGBT LEGISLATION "Tennessee legislators on Monday passed a bill that could jeopardize access to mental health treatment for LGBT individuals, part of a string of recent anti-LGBT legislation in the South." [Marina Fang, HuffPost]

ZIKA CONCERNS IN THE U.S. ON THE RISE The mosquito that spreads the virus is now present in 30 states. [Reuters]

HELPING MIGRANTS IN EUROPE? You might be charged with human smuggling. Here's a look at anti-migrant policies across Europe. [WaPo]

FORGET SMOG: CHINA SHOULD WORRY ABOUT THE WATER "More than 80 percent of the water from underground wells used by farms, factories and households across the heavily populated plains of China is unfit for drinking or bathing because of contamination from industry and farming, according to new statistics that were reported by Chinese media on Monday, raising new alarm about pollution in the world’s most populous country." [NYT]

GOLDMAN TO PAY $5 BILLION In a settlement over the bank's deceptive loan practices during 2008. But The New York Times examines how the bank could end up paying millions less. [Ryan Grenoble, HuffPost]

TESLA RECALLS 2,700 VEHICLES The company announced a default in a latch in its Model X SUV may cause the third row in the car to snap forward during collisions. [Michael McLaughlin, HuffPost]

ISIS LOSING SUPPORT AMONG ARAB YOUNG ADULTS "Overwhelming majorities of Arab teens and young adults now strongly oppose the terrorist group, the survey suggests, with nearly 80 percent ruling out any possibility of supporting the Islamic State, even if it were to renounce its brutal tactics. A year ago, about 60 percent expressed that view." [WaPo]


WHERE DO YOU NAP? Instagram your favorite nap nook with the hashtags #SleepRevolution and #Contestfor a chance to win a JetBlue roundtrip flight voucher and $250 Marriott Rewards gift card. [Arianna Huffington]

THE 'CRIPPLING ISOLATION' REFUGEES FEEL UPON MOVING TO THE U.S. "The experience of refugee resettlement is akin to that of aliens landing on planet Earth -- they hop off an airplane and into a place they had only ever envisioned through movies and television. They most often don’t speak the language. For many of the Syrian refugees, they have zero friends or family to rely upon. And yet they have to integrate somehow." [HuffPost]

NOW WE KNOW THE SECRET CATCH OF GOOGLE FIBER That free super-speed Internet was too good to be true. [Vanity Fair]

FORGET WINTER "The dead are coming," according to the latest "Game of Thrones" trailer. Here's a screen by screen breakdown. [Vulture]

THE NEW YORKER'S GUIDE TO EMAIL SIGN-OFFS Let's just say our "all the best" got shellacked. [The New Yorker]

'THE UNTOUCHABLES' "These days, the worst multinational corporations have names you’ve never heard. They come from places like China and South Africa and Russia. The countries where they are headquartered are unable to regulate them, and the countries where they operate are unwilling to." [Foreign Policy]

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INDIA SEARCHES FOR MORE EFFECTIVE ENERGY SUPPLY "In January 2015, the government had launched the National Program for light emitting diode (LED)-based home and street lighting. Under this, conventional lamps, which typically use more power, will be replaced by LED lamps that consume 80% less energy." [HuffPost]

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